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Skittles611 Mar 2
Am I the only one
Who goes to bed,
Only to stay awake all night
Remembering every mistake
I've ever made?
Skittles611 Mar 2
The best dreams are the empty ones.
Or at leat the ones forgotten.
'Cause then you can think nothing,
Remember nothing,
The HURT is gone.
The GUILT is gone.
YOU are gone.
Skittles611 Mar 2
When I'm alone with my
thoughts in the darkness,
  I think of her.
And I wonder.
Then I feel sick.

With guilt
Skittles611 Mar 2
I'm not very picky, unless faced with:
      Icky, sticky, pumpkin!

                Oh! How I glower!
                When faced with that sour,
                  Slimy, stringy, slush!

                          So I groan,
                                And I moan,
                                      Then I run.

  My arms flailing!
       My feet, slap, slap, slapping,
                          The cold, hard, floor.

                                         'Till a hand grasps my shoulder,
                                            And I'm dragged to the table..

                          Then, I'm pushed into a chair,
                                   And a spoons pushed into my hand,
                                      And that foul mush, is pushed into the spoon.

               That is forced down, down, down,
                        My gagging, unwilling, throat.
Reminiscing my childhood...
Skittles611 Jan 22
I am a poet,
I create my own wings
And weave a world,
While hurtling
towards the ground.
Mercutio inspired me.
With his jests.
Skittles611 Jan 22
She died today. In my arms.
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