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 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
monsters, monsters everywhere
hold my hand and lead me out of here

eyes, their eyes like you and I,
faces normal, unable to dehumanize

every bit an equal to you or I,
they’re not hiding under some scary disguise

evil is not an exclusive trait,
evil grows inside of all,
blame it on fate

it’s targets are not set in stone,
the only safety is all alone

water it and show it the sun,
blossoms brightly, overgrown

to destroy it now, seems impossible
monsters, monsters
where to run?
 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
I am not an open book;
I am not an easy read.

you pried open my cover,
and engraved your name on the sleeve.

ink bleeding through the layers,  
pure white pages made unclean.

you wrote down a story,
and I let myself believe.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
You warned me not to love you,
That you just weren’t worth my time,
But your flaws are only fatal,
Because I’d **** to make them mine.
Late valentine’s poem...
Hope you enjoy.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
Perfect Match
 Feb 2020 Lemon
I always thought we were the perfect match.
But matches are meant
                                   to ignite
                                         and burn out.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
Got so high
I forgot
To forget
 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
i dreamt of you once again-
i wish i had not woken up.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
Ugo Victor
Dear HP,

This is not a poem
But a question
The answer to which
I do hope you have

Why does my lover claim to love me
But still looks for every opportunity
To let me go?

Is it that she loves me so much
But doesn't think she's worthy of me

Or she doesn't love me enough
To think I'm worthy of her?
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