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 Feb 2021 Lemon
 Feb 2021 Lemon
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
by the time
you realize
by the time
you care
by the time
it all clicks
and you want
me there
i'll be
very far
i didn't
wanna wait
by the time
you want me
it'll be
too late
 May 2020 Lemon
I like seeing you happy
I just wish you shared that happiness with me
May 29, 2020
 May 2020 Lemon
Kyle White
For Floyd
 May 2020 Lemon
Kyle White
Knee to the neck
Face in the asphalt
Only in America
"Well, it must be the Black's fault!"

"Listen to the police,
...and what they're insisting!"
Floyd said he couldn't breathe
And he wasn't resisting

"Don't commit crime
...and this won't happen!"
You racist motherf@$!er,
Have you no compassion?

Did you view the same
Recording as me,
And where did you develop
Your lack of empathy?

'Relieved of duty' isn't enough
It's the bare minimum
Do right by our brothers and sisters
And charge this f@$!ing criminal

Lock up Derek Chauvin
And the others involved
Until Justice is served
This won't be resolved
 Apr 2020 Lemon
An Angel
 Apr 2020 Lemon
I watched you sleep
As my soul stared deep
Into your own.

Sleeping soundly
Breathing profoundly
You swore.

To be an angel
A beautiful stranger

Someone I owned last night
Someone I swore at last night
A sin we commited, just the two of us, alone.
I wish the night had lasted longer.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
If I posted a poem
Containing my feelings,
Would she see it?
Or would it be lost,
Like many other things,
In the silky sands of time?
I mean it’s not like she uses the sight,
I hope she doesn’t see all of this. Embarrassing stuff...
 Feb 2020 Lemon
A Mess of Words
This bed is far too big.

There is no beauty being adored,

No lips being kissed,

No limbs being caressed,

No festive mingling.

I am left with naught but

Lukewarm bittersweet memory.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
Dr Peter Lim
There's a seashore
of time somewhere
that lives in my imagination
I know I can't go there

but its voice keeps echoing
'set sail when the weather is fair'
I reply: 'it's the tail-end of my life
the dreams of my youth I no longer wear'.
 Feb 2020 Lemon
 Feb 2020 Lemon
testing the waters,
I let him every time.

I don’t know why...
it’s like I have no control over my own mind.

weak sense of self, so he takes advantage

it’s like i know i shouldnt,
yet i don’t want to leave him stranded.
excerpt from my poem “control”
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