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Lemon 3d
I see a creature
Peeking behind the door
I say come on in
Come feel my warmth

The creature walks in
To prove if he's friend or foe
He sits beside me
His eyes seem to glow

His body is twisted
Into a thick black fog
His face is bare
And his head wears no hair

He wears a mask
The skull of a boar
But he takes it off
Showing me something more

His voice is rustic
His touch is sharp
But his words are caring
His intentions are true

He shares his name
How he came to this place
We've all got monsters
They all have their own face

But this creature of mine
He'll be here for some time
Providing me fellowship
And a much needed friend

Don't be so quick to dismiss
Let the creatures in
When you make a connection
Everyone wins
as a kid
i built my wall with lego's
then later on
i finished it with stones
Lemon 3d
Im scared,
Scared to be alone,
To be without you..
Will I continue to be good enough for you?
Was I ever?
Will your attention wander to another girl,
One with less issues,
One with better control,
Will you chose a girl better than me?

I have all the hope in the world for us,
But every now and again,
The fear kicks in and I get scared,
Scared to lose the one I love,

What do I have to show,
What more can I give?
You have my love, my soul and my all,
You have my body, my life, my heart,
You have it all,
So what more do you need?
The proof you seek,
Ive done everything to give it to you,
But you still demand more,
So when will it be enough,
When will my efforts matter?
When will you let me love you,
And let me have you?

You get angry,
You get hurt,
But so do I,
But I'm not allowed to show that side,
I have to let you yell and break my heart again,
I have to remain calm,
To play the villain,
Or I'll lose you forever,
But have I already lost you?
You stopped saying I love you,
And you text less and less,
You stop wearing my necklace,
You stopped claiming to be mine,
Your love has control over me,
And without it,
I'm simply dead.
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

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Lemon 5d
It’s 4 in the morning
The sky is still dark
The air is thick
My lung give off a spark
My legs move with fury
And a smile grows on my face
As I run through the puddles
And show my true face

A run makes me happy
Yet it wears me down
It creates a tiredness
One I rarely felt
It lets me push my limits
Till my legs give out
When my knees hit the ground
And my heart pounds
That’s when I feel alive
When I feel like I’ve won

It’s 4 in the morning
And I’m out on a run
Cause at 4 in the morning
It so much more fun
Lemon 5d
I lay here now
On half of my bed
The other half filled by my sleeping pet
We lay In the quiet of my empty room
For a curse has been laid on me and you
My dad left long ago
And my sister a few months ago too
It's just me and mom
All day long
And her new boyfriend
I'm now scared again
Last time it ended with assault
And the lies build up
To help cover her tracks
Someone intervene
Someone help me relax
I'm paranoid
Of everyone
Scared I might need to run
Run away from it all
Hopefully it will not fall
My little sisters
They are moving away
I might not get to see them another day
It hurts me
Deep down inside
But I've got no more room inside my eyes
No room to hide my sleeping tears
Not after holding it in all these years
Should I start it up
The cutting again
Hey at least the knife will be my friend
I hurt myself
Years ago
And no one ever knew at all
That life had been so cruel
That I hurt myself every night
Or how I tried to take away my life
So here I lay
Thinking these thoughts
I guess I just must be really lost
Lost and afraid
I don't get paid
And my house is going to be taken away
I wanna go
Far away
I don't wanna live another day
Don't you see
It's killing me
The way I think
The way I see
So every night
I continue to lay in fright
Hoping that tonight's the night
The night for me
To finally be free
In hopes that this new year
Will bring me cheer
But deep down
I know it is wrong
That this year will bring the same
Lies and tears
But none will hear
So once again
You can avoid my text
My plead for help
My cries out
When I see the belt
I just wanna go
To disappear
So please hear me this time
Take me away
Or I may do it myself
Some other way
Lemon 5d
To the man in the meat department,
I don’t know your name,
I don’t know your story,
But I can feel your pain,
And sense your anger,
I hear your words,
When you’re feeling trapped,

At first impression,
I thought you hated me,
But then I found out,
You were just angry.
You hate your job,
Yet you still carry on.

So stay strong,
And keep on going on,
And if you need a friend,
Come down to the front end,
I’ll be there to talk,
And give a helping hand,
So reach out,
Let me understand.
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