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 Sep 2019 Siyana
Sad sunflowers sigh,
As they dry their eyes.
The sun has gone away
They bow their heads
Heavy with sorrow.
They'll meet again tomorrow.
During night they rest
Taking a break from smiling.
Tomorrow kids will come
To take their seeds away.
A few of them will die
But most will be alright.
Some petals will tear and fall
But still they will be fine.
They smile at the children
Despite of the pain they feel
It's a pleasure to be noticed
Even if they 're using you.
Sunflowers sunny petals
Cover them in manes.
Sunflowers unsalted seeds
Help them stay together.
Their fields of gold cause awe
To the people which stare.
They will come back tomorrow
To look at the flowers
And their golden hues.

This was requested by
A B Faniki
 Aug 2019 Siyana
All but you
 Aug 2019 Siyana
you fall
your pieces shattered
because you are adored by all
but not to the one that mattered

you pick up your parts
scattered on the floor
a work of art
he never adored
This was inspired by Jenny Lind from The Greatest Showman

— The End —