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Siyana Feb 2
I'm fearful,
don't ask of what,
because I'm fearful of,

I'm bubble wrapped,
and if you bother asking why,
take a look outside...............
This poem is about the destruction that's currently happening in our planet, and how it feels to be afraid to live..
Siyana Oct 2019
As far as I run,
as loud as I scream.
Even if I lose what I have,
I can't bring you back to me...
Siyana Sep 2019
I'm in a bathroom at a party,
             why do i always lock myself away...
               I don't know how to have fun,
              so please don't depend at all on me...
                         I like my solitude
Siyana Sep 2019
I'm a stalker I can't lie,
I like to watch you all the time...
The way you placed your hands on me,
I won't forget, it's destiny..
I'm a stalker, I can't lie,
I watch the way you fold your tie,
I can't help the chemistry
I feel when you're next to me...

And all I need to know,
is, Do you feel it too?
And all I need to know
is, Will there ever be a me and you?
love happiness soul eyes strangers pain love joy
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