Corey 6d
blue cathedrals stand in the day;
motionless, elegant, and calling
attention to the suns light

forests of yellow leaves carefully falling,
barren branches being revealed,
freezing with icicles in the night

the dying light of a cornfield
turned flaxen with the cold,
and brown with the mud

come Spring, the blues turn gold
and the branches that remain
turn green with buds

dandelions creep through wide plains
creating more yellow days
and embracing April showers

the bees dance in a haze
collecting pollen for flowers
covering them in the yellow powder
Corey Jan 3
The heaviness of the night
is lifted
with the brightness of the sun
shining down on new opportunities

Pouring over the world
ever slowly
and into every crevasse,
like liquid gold;

honey, You deserve it wholly
The golden reflections of
the brightest moments
Corey Jan 1
Your heart, glass
Your soul, mist
Your eyes I can see through

I listen close
to hear your voice;
only but a whisper

You linger in
the morning light
in love with the pale blues

Your mind, water
Your body, plastic
Your love a solid figure
Corey Dec 2018
You dip into the sea
long lasting and
intimacy with the

Over time, perhaps you could
recall how difficult it is for others to
absorb a
new spark of love; to
give way to
even the slightest change in hue

Remembering how
every shift in light causes a
different reaction

under different circumstances, your
relationship with the water could be
permitted to grow, and then unite;
little did you know,
even the sea simply reflects your light
Corey Dec 2018
Oh, blessed Gods
Endowed the Earth
Graced with beauty above

Oh, son of man
Oh, son of mine
Taken with radical love

What Sun does warm
What light does shine
To reaches of the summit?

What stars align
What moon reflects
The light that you emit?
Corey Dec 2018
Cold; Pale;

Nightly you *****
down to your core
Removing the colors
of your clothes
(a costume

meant for others
to warm to your
frigid ways)
asking for a similar
nakedness from all

Cold; Pale;
Corey Dec 2018
In stark starlessness
you crawl your way
from dusk to dawn
lingering in the morning blues.

Your own hues
transform from warm
to cool, arriving
just before white.

And your light,
provided by your lover
shines down as if your own;
as if you were alone.
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