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Boris Sitnikoff May 2019
I will not silence my voice when I know the Truth reigns;
Why should I hold back God's message when man could be saved?
Though all the world abates me,
Though sin and death suffocates me,
My voice shall shine like a sun in the rain.

I will not dampen my joy as God lives in my heart;
How can the Fire in me ever be taken apart?
While grievous trials test me,
While dreadful woes may contest me,
My joy shall burn as a diamond for art.

I will not darken my mind and forget what God said;
Who could be able to live without God's Word in head?
Lest fleshly lusts distract me,
Lest satan's traps counteract me,
My mind shall feast on my Savior's sweet bread.

I will rejoice in Christ Jesus, my Light and my Rock;
He fills my heart and my mind, and my voice He unlocks.
I lift my praises to Him;
I live my life ever through Him.
Let us rejoice evermore as we walk:

Jesus my Savior and Jesus my Brother and Friend,
Jesus my Lord and my glorious King beyond end,
You are the Lamp to my feet;
You are the Light to my path,
Jesus the Son of my Father in heav'n!
Boris Sitnikoff May 2019
This world's a warzone,
invaders everywhere.
Come with me now
We need more reinforcements.

From the darkness,
The Truth has freed us.
Don't you surrender
Our children need us.

I am your king,
you are my queen.
We are one flesh
A fountain of blessing.

In a world of barren figtrees,
Filled with ******* on their knees,
We shall stand
bountifully bearing more fruit.
Boris Sitnikoff May 2019
The 300-year-old thorn in humanity's soul
as it bears the screams of orphanized children
and parents brought to mourning.

The tortured spirits of ages past
are brought to beckon yet again
for what it has basically forgotten.

The thorn says, "I am wisdom,"
Yet pleads, "hear not those foolish cries,"
"Take my wine and stay merry;
have happiness in your righteous self."

The beat of the cave drum drowns out the view of light
The **** begins their drunken stumble in the darkness
Nero meets Merkel meets de Sade meets Podesta meets Tarquin meets Obama etc. etc. etc.

The great cursing has merely begun;
an existential inversion,
where truth is a crime
and rebellion a virtue.

Children in chains are glamorously paraded out
awaiting either their death,
or something worse.
Twisted screams of glee echo through,
so the children's shrieks go seemingly unheard.

To the thorn, they are mere pieces of cheese pizza
to be thrown in a boiling ***,
***** on a skewer,
slit like kosher cattle
and baked alive.

Chaos spins like a wheel of misfortune,
a vortex of effortful error,
blind of all distinctions,
Replete with empty vanity.
This is the fruit of what they call, "tolerance & diversity"

In the name of reason, they discard reason.
In the name of logics, they reject Logos.
In the name of freedom, they are enslaved.
In the name of comfort, they are suffocated.
In the name of sustainability, they deprive sustenance.
In the name of God, they blaspheme Him.
As long as they are blind, deaf and numb,
whatever their name is, they are not.

Jesus Christ,
come and see
and stamp on Your winepress.
You are the vine
who rips out all thorns
and throws them in fire and sulfur
when the head of evil is ripe for the crushing,
and the body of evil is ripe for the burning,
and the souls of the faithful are ripe for the reaping,
and the heaven and earth is ripe for the passing,
and the new heaven and earth is ripe for the coming.

Jesus Christ,
set free Your little children
and give them power to overcome all enemies,
and endure all hardships with Your peace in their hearts.
Transform them by renewing their minds
and filling them with Your Holy Spirit.
With you, they are eternally invincible, immovable and fearless.

Jesus Christ,
you are the inescapable light
that rips all eyes open
and brings iniquity to a final close.
Nothing has, or ever will separate You from me,
or any other of Your little children.
May Your Spirit ever be dwelling within Your people,
and may we serve as the bane of your enemies always
until the very moment they are vanquished by You.

Boris Sitnikoff Mar 2019
[This stream of thought
trying to break through
the dam of unrighteous suffering
is frankly authentic
with its meaty texture
and forthcoming frame.]

(I can realize that there isn't a body in the world
that can take in sunlight
so vigorously as you,
my sweet and undeniable,
without you there is still hope and completeness
but not as much music in my ears,
my dear one.)

{How can I take the goodness of suffering on the cross
without freeing my joy
above every tree of life
there is a Man
named Jesus of Nazareth
Who is with all in all and through all and all all all all all all all

Boris Sitnikoff Mar 2019
There is a game beyond games
Where the players of players
Compete beyond competition
To win the prize of prizes.
Beyond the eye of eyes,
They hide in a veil of veils
Thinking beyond thought,
Surveying the surveyors
With servants serving beyond serving.

Vanity of vanities is this game beyond games;
For who can be beyond being with this prize of prizes?

The time beyond times is the inevitable fate of all fates;
All will soon meet the final purge of purging
And either live beyond dying,
Or die beyond living,
Regardless of who won winning
Or lost beyond losing.

Even the prize of prizes
Cannot transcend the order beyond order
Created by the creator of creators,
For the prize of prizes is but a mirage of mirages
Fed by the lie beyond lies to the dopes of dopes
Who, in their vainglory of vainglories,
Think they can become king of kings,
Clinging to their own frame of frames with their might, only finite,
Knowing that only just one Word beyond words shall fell them.

This Word beyond words
Has already won beyond the game beyond games,
Who always is and who was and who’s yet to come
Who sees beyond the eye of eyes
And through the veil of veils
No thought beyond thought is beyond His thinking
No surveyor beyond His surveillance,
And no servant beyond His serving
For He is also the servant of servants

Hear this, O world:
The true King of kings and Lord of lords,
Is the servant of servants
And plays no games.
Boris Sitnikoff Mar 2019
Welcome to the hatrix,
Where you’re only allowed to
Care about yourself.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
Thinking is ****.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where good men are discouraged
And good women are wasted.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the most endearing terms
Are meant to mean the opposite.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where nobody talks
Unless it’s behind another’s back.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where everybody thinks that
you’re a ****** in secret.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where people want you dead
Because you breathe
And have life.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where cooperation is
Blind compliance in disguise.

Welcome to the hatrix,
Where the only thing
That motivates people
Is not being uncomfortable.

Welcome, human, to the hatrix.
Eat all the video evidence
Before we find you
And **** you.
Boris Sitnikoff Feb 2019
[Day 1] -
We see that you’re navigating
Navigating issues
We believe that we can help you
Navigate them

Are you sure of yourself?
It’s okay if you’re not
If you don’t want us, you may leave at any time.
Your 5-day trial starts now.
We are here for you
To help

[Day 2] -
Share with us your feelings
Share with us your doubts
Share with us your concerns
Share with us your time

We will give you our attention
We will give you our love
We will give you what you need
We are here for you
To help

[Day 3] -
We noticed that you were thinking
We’re concerned about what we heard
Are you okay?
Tell us

It’s okay to share...
We are here for you
To help

[Day 4] -
We noticed your thoughts have persisted
We’re getting increasingly concerned for you
Everyone has expressed their concerns
We don’t want this to hurt our community
We want you here

Are you still here?


We are here for you
To help

[Day 5] -
We gave you everything
Now it’s time to pay
Did you not read the contract we made for you?
You could have left us at any time
But now it’s past the date

We are here for you
To help

[Day 6] -
Give us your ******* soul.
Don’t jeopardize this wonderful community.
Are you not proud of this community?

Did you not realize we own your life now?
We can withdraw our love from you at any time.
Are you not loving enough to want our love?
Don’t you love this community?
Where is your love?

We are very tolerant.
We love unity in our community too much
to allow your divisive thinking.
So now,
Give us your soul.

As we have always said,
We are here for you
To help
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