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The George of the Jungle
                  King Adventurer
      George of the jungle
Father of Wildlings!
The letter of the depressed soul
I always want to love life,
but it seems am an awful and unforgiving lover
And it seems life herself is grossly unfair to me,
Always frustrating my labour of love and very many commitments

I always get more than I want or ever deserves,
of the many struggles and pains that life serves
Maybe she forgot the concept of fair share
Or maybe others were made with iron
And I with soil.

©Adeoye Favour I.
Thinking Out Load
The Song of the DEAD
The Dirge is about to begin
The banjo is heard from afar off
The intermittent sound of Ìyá-Ìlù has arouse curiosity
The dead will begin the song at twilight,
And gyrate through the night
Because this would be their last feast,
After which they are muted forever!
© Adeoye Favour I.
Footnote:Ìyá Ìlù : Variable tension drum with waisted body.It is the commanding officer of the whole talking drum ensembles and is one of the family of the talking drum generally called Dúndún.
Dead man tells no tale
Visions that ripped the heart apart,
Dreams that made the soul a prisoner of passion,
     Visions that made the heart skip
And made the soul sighs.
The route that encumbers the spirit,
               And wearies the body
Dreams that made night a nightmare
    And daybreak an herculean task.
Visions that makes die
   And makes grow.
The envisioned life that requires Elephant as sacrifice and life's blood as drink offering
        Tell me this would be worth it.
© Adeoye Favour I.
A Choice; Life or Death
Life, Life,Life
Life so precious oh, life!

     Oh, death!
     Thou art the harbinger of great sorrow,
You,a thief of joy,
  You exhibit callousness subtly!

Even in dire need nor abject poverty
Even in grave denial
And acute opposition,....

        In alienation and utter betrayal,
Aberration would it be,
         To ***** out your life
And give up the ghost.
It's not an option,
Give suicide no chance nor second thought.

Life game though tricky
And some scenario freaky,
Yea it will shatter us a little,
and tend to make us creaky,
But it will call for some period of tweaky
And in no time the darkness will varnish
The night will pass,
Ye,the cloud will disappear,
Lemon will then turn lemonade,
Grenade to pomegranate,
All strains will birth a huge harvest of grain
And all toil will be greatly rewarded,
If and only if we don't give up on life.
© Adeoye Favour I.
Be happy,
  Just smile,
Don't forget to laugh out loud.
   Don't scurry through life,
Take time to wait and stare,
    Have no care,
Be happy,
         Be your best.
Life does not debate your best.
     Make your best.
And change the epic portion of your story
To a happy epilogue,
Live happily ever after.
      Don't take your  life.
© Adeoye Favour I.(Favwrites) et Sandra Osigwe
Suicide is not an option!
To my lost fragrance,
My forgotten kingdom,
My stolen jewel,

I say goodbye,

To my lonely companion,
My friendless enemy,
My good bad buddy,
I say goodbye ,

To my lofty life,
And brimful days,
                                To my many laurels and accolades
I say goodbye

Maybe we shall meet again

© Adeoye Favour I.
@ Favwrites
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