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2.2k · Apr 2021
Back to the line
Sindi Apr 2021
Look in the direction you want to go
Not at you feet
You will just fall down
Into the middle of the ocean

But there are other waves
In the sea
Swim, swim, swim
Paddle, paddle, paddle
And try again
© Sindi Kalumba
2.1k · Jul 2021
Rosey 😊
Sindi Jul 2021
Pretty power petals

Sit around a garden

Creating a scene of serenity

Pretty power petals

Sit full of peace and love
© Sindi Kalumba
1.7k · Jun 2021
On a ferry
Sindi Jun 2021
On a ferry
Feels so lovely
Feels so calm
Gently it rocks like it will take forever
Before you know
You are asleep
And the tour guide is waking you up to get off the ferry
© Sindi Kalumba
1.2k · Apr 2021
Sindi Apr 2021
We lied
When we said we would hide
It was not intentional
It is just when you got to ten
There was no place to hide
At the seaside
© Sindi Kalumba
1.1k · Jun 2021
Talent show
Sindi Jun 2021
Like a constellation of stars
They walk upon the stage
Smiling and dazzling
In their best dress up

This small event was successful
But if only there were more people
To watch this spectacular happening

The individuals who participated
Proved that they are not fish in the school
But more like a bouquet of daisies
All glittering by
© Sindi Kalumba
1.0k · Jul 2021
The not so gloomy day
Sindi Jul 2021
Blowing wind
in the Blowing rain
Rising sun
As the day has just begun
I could make a cake by the lake
But I rather opt for
blowing wind in the Blowing rain
© Sindi Kalumba
868 · Apr 2021
Dear Eyes
Sindi Apr 2021
Dear eyes
You are lucky to have each other.
You complement each other plus you always see eye to eye.
You come in all shapes, sizes, colours.
Are you a reflection of the soul?

I like you when you twinkle.
I like it when you are real.
I like to make you real with a pencil and notepad.
I like you when you are present.
I like you when you are focused

When you are fixed on the goal.
Through you, I can dream.
Through you I see vanity.
Through you, deep secrets are confessed.

Dear eyes
You make scare me sometimes with TV.
I don’t want to stare or to look away either.
Tell me dear eyes how do I unsee what I have seen?

I think you are life’s most beautiful gift.
Tell me dear eyes is all that you see real?
Is it true that you keep memories of an entire lifetime;
Right before someone dies you press relay?

I remember seeing you red and wondering why?
Then I was told that you saw someone love another.
I remember seeing you green and wondering why?
Then I was told that you saw something environmentally friendly.
I remember seeing you twinkle and wondering why?
Then I was told you saw someone make your day✨
© Sindi Kalumba
542 · May 2021
Tick Tock Clock
Sindi May 2021
I took time to tick
The broken tock clock

I hung it up and sat down
Then I turned to look
In amazement at the tick tock clock

It ticked and tocked
When it stuck half past one
The morning was gone

And I realised
I touched nothing but the tick tock clock
© Sindi Kalumba
372 · May 2021
How tiny is tiny?
Sindi May 2021
The tiny boy looked at the tiny tree
And it was big
The tiny tree looked at a tiny building
And it was huge
Tiny building looked at the tiny ocean
And it was large
The tiny ocean looked at the tiny space
And it was gigantic
The tiny earth looked at the tiny universe
And said it was enormous
© Sindi Kalumba
266 · Dec 2020
Never New
Sindi Dec 2020
Never knew I could write until I picked up a pen
Never knew I could walk until I stood up
Never knew I could sing until I opened my mouth
Would have never known you if you didn't appear
© Sindi Kalumba

— The End —