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Apr 10 · 24
Simona Apr 10
¶Slowly, slowly
On my face
Tears are running out in space

Tearless, lonely
In my bed
Singing sad songs in my head

Hoping for a tear to shed
**** me, not my heart instead¶
Apr 9 · 18
Simona Apr 9
🏠In case you get lost
I wrote this for you

If someday
You lost your way
Come back home
Where you belong

I'll be there
'Cause nowhere
Is like HOME🏠
Apr 9 · 334
Simona Apr 9
🌒On this hill, on this grass
We were looking up for stars
The moon was the only one
Meant to judge us from above

But you said, I can't forget
"Love is fool, but we are fooler,
Love is mad and we are crazy
Let me see your imperfections."

In that moment, all I said
" Hmm, boy, aren't you afaid?" 🌠
Mar 18 · 219
Simona Mar 18
🙏Giving love, receiving hate
I know, you know it's too late

Too my best, too my worst
Thanks, it's all I say it first

Looking forward for good days
Get me out of this love maze🙏
Mar 5 · 30
New times
Simona Mar 5
🕧We'll meet again
In another times
With another faces
But still looking for
Love, sin and sadness
Loneliness and madness
Maybe I will meet you
Maybe I will want you
Maybe I will need you
Maybe I will hate you
Nobody knows what's looking for
But still want you here, more🕧
Feb 26 · 519
🔥Too much 🔥
Simona Feb 26
🌑What a day, what a night
What a sun, what a moon
Everyday my heart goes boom

And my body and my mind
Always  try to pull me out
From this feeling, from this sin
Always try to pull me in☀️
Feb 25 · 39
Lover stars
Simona Feb 25
🌠It's so bright in the night
And so clean is the sky
You and I under the stars

Looking up, seeking dreams
See our names written there
You will always be my man
I'll always be your only one🌠
Feb 24 · 37
Simona Feb 24
I'll love you
'til you' re blue & grey
I'll need
'til finish is the day
I care about you
Every time when you go
I miss you
Every second, you know
Feb 17 · 112
I can do it
Simona Feb 17
Fall your dreams
Find your way
Two words you must say
"I can"

Be pozitive
Be cool
Do everything
You wanna do

Be yourself
Believe yourself
All you do
Will come true
Feb 16 · 142
My everything
Simona Feb 16
💫Take my hand and don't let go
Take my heart and don't leave, no
Take my mind and make me think
That love is a important thing

Make my love to own my body
Make my mind to lose control
Make me think that love is nothing
More than you and I, the world 💫
Feb 15 · 164
Simona Feb 15
Light the dark
Dark the light
In the sky
Through  the night
Always there
By my side
To suport me
To respect me
Understand me
Stand for me and pray with me
Feb 15 · 20
14th February
Simona Feb 15
I hate that day
I hate that night
'cause I have nobody
By my side
No one can make me
Change my mind
Love is fool
Love means heart
mine is broken
Cause that guy
Made me heartless.
For that one, now I say
******* love, ******* pain.
Feb 5 · 38
If you...
Simona Feb 5
If you need to cry
I'll be there
If you need to lie
That is not fair

If you need a hug
I'll give you one
If you need a drug
I'll give you a gun

To shoot my heart
With that bullet of love
To make it start
To put us above
Feb 5 · 333
The end
Simona Feb 5
No signal
No sign
You are no longer mine

I let you go
I loved you ******>Now I say goodbye

In the end
I'll pretend
That  we had a happy-end

— The End —