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Sep 12 · 849
Somebody to me
Just who this person is
who has the audacity to be
somebody to care, somebody to miss
a somebody to me
We argue, we care
We laugh and we smile
everything we share
Have got to admit, he's got some style.
We plan trips together
from Bali to Rome
we dream of forever
because he has started to feel like my home
Jul 10 · 1.7k
Whispers of the Moon
The moon talks about you,
In a way I never could
You were something out of the blue,
True it came, I never imagined it would.
I was chaotic, I came with a storm,
And you, so simple
Never budging in any form
But that was not the norm,
I was used to people flying away when I came,
And there you stood, looking at me all the same.
I don’t know how to define you,
You don’t have a history,
I’ve been judged on my past, it’s true,
But you are such a mystery.
I don’t know why the moon talks about you,
And I don’t think I’ll ever have a clue.
May 18 · 2.5k
Moonlit Conversations
As comes the night
And the stars shine
We sit in our balcony
And switch on the fairy lights.
We talk all night long
And maybe banter in between,
A smile playing on our lips
Never seeming to disappear
Yet remaining unseen.
It's relatively cold
But we don't feel the chill,
Because our hearts are warm
And our eyes so bright,
That would dim even the moonlight.
Oct 2022 · 4.5k
Simran Guwalani Oct 2022
Listening to the sound of waves
hitting the rocks
And the cool breeze
playing with my hairlocks
I look at the setting sun
As I lean back and smile
For the first time
in a long while
My mind was quiet
my soul was speaking
and my heart got
what it was seeking!
Sep 2022 · 5.4k
Simran Guwalani Sep 2022
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
Aug 2022 · 1.4k
Eyes Unclouded
Simran Guwalani Aug 2022
What I see
I might not comprehend
My vision could be
fogged till the end
It's hazy, It's unclear
I don't know what's ahead
A fox, a tiger or even a bear
I could be dreaming, right in my bed
I wish I could be
one of those that can see
with their eyes unclouded
Their vision clear and unbounded.
Apr 2022 · 1.6k
Bliss of ignorance
Simran Guwalani Apr 2022
Both had roses red,
One enjoyed the beautiful flower bed,
Unaware of the thorns, he didn't dread.
The other was scared,
of the thorns he did dread.
Scared, what if he bled?
So much on the thorns focused did he,
That one day the roses died and he could only see,
Lamenting, "I couldn't enjoy their beauty!".
The other was content with the roses, he admired them everyday,
till one day, they withered away,
Alas he got to know of the thorns one day.
He smiled at how he didn't know this,
And came to realize,
That sometimes ignorance is bliss,
and it's folly to be wise.
Last two lines were coined by Thomas Gray in his "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"
Feb 2021 · 817
A thousand wishes
Simran Guwalani Feb 2021
A thousand wishes of mine
were left estranged,
A thousand wishes of mine
were never entertained.
Some by others,
Some by me,
They still remain unattained.
There were times I had in me a fire,
To fulfill any desire
but now I'm just torn
and at times remain forlorn.
The wish was made by the child in me
which the adult me could not fulfill.
Oh how I wish I could be
like the child, who dared to dream
And at least try
to erase the line
That limited these
Thousand wishes of mine.
Feb 2021 · 716
One Person One Hope
Simran Guwalani Feb 2021
I'm walking the tight rope,
holding on to the stick
like it was hope.
That is how we get through life,
walking all alone
with just that one person
constantly giving us hope.
Dec 2020 · 475
Simran Guwalani Dec 2020
What you desire
is what you seek,
you'll play with fire
to reach the peak.
Dec 2020 · 484
To be Understood
Simran Guwalani Dec 2020
We yearn to be understood
by those who don't understand.
we explain to those who don't even want to listen,
let alone lend a helping hand.
There are only a few who get us truly,
only a few who understand what we say.
And even fewer who understand profusely,
what we don't say, what our expressions don't display.
These are the ones who know,
that the times when the quietest are we,
the time when silent is all we can be,
isn't the time when our voice is lost,
it's the time when we are actually screaming the most.
Aug 2020 · 235
Wanderer's home
Simran Guwalani Aug 2020
That flat or apartment you live in
Is called a house,
That someone you live with
Makes it home.
So if you wander with that "someone" by you,
You'll be a wanderer with a home.
Jun 2020 · 198
Simran Guwalani Jun 2020
And with light wind blowing
I fell asleep to the sound of rain
covered in a cozy blanket
in my lover's arms...
Jan 2020 · 185
A poet's mind
Simran Guwalani Jan 2020
A poet's mind
is a whole different world
An ocean of myriad philosophies
A door to world's unseen geographies
This door is sometimes better left locked
For the things you might discover
are bound to leave you shocked.
But for the ones who dare
the key is the heart,
And mind you, they are rare,
For they understand;
To get the key
One must be as crazy as the poet,
If not more.
Jan 2020 · 131
Simran Guwalani Jan 2020
Comfort is.....
                      Sitting by the window overlooking nature with the sun grazing your skin....
                      While snuggled up in a cozy blanket with a hot mug of cocoa and your favorite book.....
                       On a fine winter morning.
Dec 2019 · 246
A Fool in Love
Simran Guwalani Dec 2019
I have seen this before
I am seeing it again
There's a guy that you adore
God help you, Amen!
You melt at the mere sight of him
You love the way he smiles
And that he never looks grim.
But you don't know
What his smile hides
He will never show
Yet make you abide
And you definitely will
Because you love him so
You are ready to ****
The moment he says 'go'.
You go beyond and above
Don't you dare deny
You are a Fool in love
But then, so was I.
Feb 2019 · 226
You Are
Simran Guwalani Feb 2019
You are the reason I smile,
For you I could walk a mile.
You are the one who gives me strength,
Even when situations are intense.
You are the one who manages to make me laugh,
When it seems like my world is cut into half.
You are my happiness, you are my Sunshine,
You are my soulmate, my goddess divine.
Feb 2019 · 568
Unveiling the Truth
Simran Guwalani Feb 2019
Tackle the power
with a golden flower.
Just to be sure of what you did
Never let anything in the world be hid
Go out there and be yourself
Never on the past should you delve
Heave a sigh of relief
Never loose faith in your belief
Be the person you always wanted to be
Accept the world as you shall see
Turn the page, start the next chapter
Keep moving on, never falter.
Jan 2019 · 363
First love
Simran Guwalani Jan 2019
Sometimes at night
I think of you
Thinking of what might have been
If only I had the guts
To tell you how I felt
To ask you about
How you felt about me.
But that's over now
It's way in the past
My feelings are gone
And so are you.
You were my first love
And I'll always remember that.
But now when I think of you
I just can't help but feel
That we could have had something.
This poem is about the first guy and the only guy I ever liked.
Nov 2018 · 723
Listen to me
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
I want someone to listen to me
To understand me and also agree.
I just want him to lend me his ears,
Neither his mouth and nor his tears.
I've finally found him, it is the wall,
It's not living, but has an ear after all.
This poem goes way back....I wrote it when I was in 10th standard as an assignment.
Nov 2018 · 451
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
The way she smiled
The way she lied
on herself she always relied
All her emotions, bottled up and denied
Sleepless nights, she always cried
everyday on the inside, a little she died
She felt tied
but nonetheless tried
Every moment was a roller-coaster ride
Strong she stayed, to keep her pride
but it was necessary to hide,
Because maybe somewhere, deep inside
she was getting a little paranoid.
Nov 2018 · 268
Note to God
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
Even after a rough night
give us the strength to go on,
Show us the way, flash your light
lead us to a beautiful dawn.
Let us be happy, let us smile
let us fall in love
Even after walking a mile.
Give us hope
Take away our pain,
Let us learn to dance
to the rhythm of the falling rain.
Help us go through, the different phases of life
some even and some odd,
And that is exactly what I'd say,
If I wrote a note to God.
Nov 2018 · 260
Inner you
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
You want the world to see
what a beautiful person you can be.
Maybe you never got a chance
to show them the way you dance.
Or show them the way you paint
or give them a little taste, of your inner saint.
Maybe the opportunity came by,
and you were too shy.
You try so hard for others to see,
you forget the dear ones, who appreciate you heartily.
So, stop trying to make them see
and don't keep your dear ones apart,
They are the ones who'll set you free,
because they have your best interest at heart.
Nov 2018 · 2.8k
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
I remember my first crush
It gave me the greatest rush
It was hard to keep it hush
after all, it is a crush.
Nov 2018 · 437
New Beginnings
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
The falling of the leaves,
The coming of the night,
The death of the phoenix,
The fall of the might,
All signify an end.
But the leaves grow again
and a new day comes,
the phoenix rises anew
and the mighty strengthen up.
One chapter of life ends
and the other begins.
Our book is never ending,
if we choose to keep writing.
The new arises from the old,
that is what has always been told.
Because in life there is no end,
only new beginnings that we have to comprehend.

— The End —