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 Aug 2020 Rain
Veronica John
Gazing at the stars
I look at my fading  scars
The unseen hurt  , The  unheard  cry
I wish the pain inside  would die

I go through this once more
Will there ever be a door
Which would take me far away
To an unknown gateway

But the blade is my friend
When I reach dead ends
He hears me scream ....hears me moan
A smirk on his lips appear as I groan

My face has turned pale fingers blue
He says my untimely death is now due
I look around and plead
In this hour a  warm hand is all I need
This poem is for the ones who tears were never wiped ...their cry which was never heard .....I hope they find their solace ....just like I found mine 💕
 Oct 2019 Rain
In love
 Oct 2019 Rain
The sky is
A graveyard of stars

And I remark
Something so tragically beautiful

Just like fireworks of art
From here to the nearest star

And I wish
I could lay awake
In the night

With you
And our lingering hearts

And tell you all about a tragedy
Called life
 Feb 2019 Rain
Eric daw
 Feb 2019 Rain
Eric daw
where the fools are lying
and the meek are crying
where the wolves are preying
on the weak alone

where the sons are dying
hear their mothers crying
and the distant sound of fire begins again
 Feb 2019 Rain
zoie marie lynn
i told my therapist about you,
while your lips were still slathered alllll over my body.
i showed her the places we had been,
and all the things we had seen.
i told her what lies underneath that pretty
skin of yours,
and i told her how i knew.
i spelt out your name as she scribbled it on her cute little clipboard,
i told her about the   first     night
and the      second
and the   fourth
and that time in the closet.
i told her everything,
i really just wanted to   get
of my brain,
it didn't matter if saying these things put me in  sososo  much pain.
because you've  moved   on  so why can't i?
i told my therapist about you,
but i still can't tell you
i know i'm  s t u p i d,
for holding on this l
                             ­    g,
i know it's useless,
for wishing you weren't                              gone.
but my words carry on like a heartbeat
s     l      o      w
u   s   e   d
  n    t   a   y
i   keep   keep   keep  breaking and breaking and breaking and
i told my therapist about you.
i think part of the reason why we hold onto something so tight is because we fear something that great will never ever happen twice

i was in so much pain when i wrote this, my lover had just left with two years of my life and i felt so so so alone. i chewed through therapists constantly, they left me behind because i was too broken to fix. i hated them all. but there was this one, this one singular human being that listened to me. she didn't flinch, she didn't look at me like i was a broken puppy left for death. she just listened. i was all over the place, but i managed to lay out my entire mind for her to dissect. and she did. she helped me so so much, and i could never repay her enough for how she has helped me. when i got home, i wrote the basics of this. it was like 12:30 when i wrote it and i couldn't sleep the next night so i decided to make this look exactly how i felt when i wrote it the night before. how my lover made me feel for so long. so i did. i was crying mountains, i was hyperventilating, i threw my phone through the wall. i put all my anger, blood, tears in each letter, each space. i put it all in there and then posted it a couple weeks later. i didn't show anyone. i just put it out there, hoping my lover would see it. but it didn't even matter cause when i woke up, the whole world saw it instead. thank you. i love you all.
 Jan 2019 Rain
No Pressure
 Jan 2019 Rain
No pressure
But can you clean the car?
No pressure
But you need 100 or you won't go far.
No pressure
But your next needs to beat the rest.
No pressure
But you need to be a step above the best.
No pressure
But you need to find the liar.
No pressure
But you're getting fired
No pressure
But you need to lead your peers.
No pressure
But you need to beat your fears.
No pressure
But we're gonna add another problem to the pile.
No pressure
But if you fail, we'll move on all the while.
No pressure man.
 Nov 2018 Rain
Devon Carberry
You taught me how to fear my own darkness.

So leave the light on before you go.
Can't shake my bones of you.
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