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Every part wants to be loved
The twisted mind and the rotten faith
I have cursed my soul
Ploughing the little hope left for my worth
A *****, a title I’ve known
Selling more than just my love
‘She’s a different level’
That’s all that was told
And with many more against my role
Yet I’m known as the perfect *****
It took time
Didn’t it ?
The comfort, the peace of mind
They all took time.
And I wondered what he would call me
When the fire raise and heaven doors became stairs.
I’m figuring it out too
What’s love
I’m learning it’s different sides
That’s love
I’m feeling it’s impact
So loved
I’m figuring it out
And now is see, what’s love
Taking little pieces until there in not a whole of you
Knowing love isn’t for the weak
It’s a reward they can have
But a journey they would fail
I’m figuring it out
And I’ll tell you this
I wish not to have loved nor be loved
Why hurry
When was the finish line made
When was it all capable of coming to an end
Was it the silver strings that grew amongst the black youth
Or was it the timely pain that came against knees and joints
What was it ?
That made you loose track of your path
Did your mistakes pulled you away
Or was it your doubts that missed flights on its way
To opportunities.
Why did you hurry away ?
You had built solid dreams
Firm in its belief
Allowing wishes a place in reality
You had done that
Without help.
But yet you saw yourself less profitable
Than the ones on billboards
Pretending to be of greater creation.
And I asked you why ?
Why be that selfless
And all you said
Was time knows it’s way.
She knew;
Of the lies you spoke to her
Of the many times you pretended to be okay
She knew of those days when you failed
Those days, where you stood but wasn’t shown
She knew of the pressure of every mistake
The weight it brought
The outcomes it gave
She knew it all
And yet you kept on going
Lying to her
That you’re okay.
The torments you have inflicted
Have sown it’s way deep down within your soul
Your loneliness had brought fertility to the soils of forgiveness
And again you go
For all that comes your way
Had survived;
While you jump ships as they sunk.
You kept your head high enough
And made it home
Over and over again.
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