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Deep Sangani Feb 7
Hi there!

I've decided to go on a break from posting poems. However, I won't stop writing poetry. I'm working on a project of making a collection of my poems by the end of the year, and this break will help me do so. Thank you for all the support you all have continued to show me, i am ever so grateful. I'll be back soon (hopefully).

Till then,
thank you,
and goodbye.
Thank you so much. This is a healthy break, in case you might be wondering otherwise. Sometimes people don't get equal amounts of love on every poem, and that is absolute fine. However, that has affected me in unhealthy ways and I've decided to work on my writing in this break. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with many more poems. Thank you once again :)
Deep Sangani Dec 2018
What do you want to read ?
When my heart is heavy with sorrow
i pour my blood
and convert it into ink.
Then, you shower love on me.
You tell me my writing is like wine,

Yet when i feel nothing
but happiness
and i pour my heart
onto your feet
you brush it away.
You don't connect to me
and now you don't shower love.
"Your writing is like wine,

You don't accept happy
because you don't connect to it.
You flow like the rest
in an ocean filled with grief.
You use me like a mat
and i serve you
waiting for that one day
you clean your sins away.
I honestly do not know what to write. I write with all my heart, but I've stopped gaining the love i used to. What are your expectations?
  Dec 2018 Deep Sangani
As the sunlight filters the air
it shows
And really what are the rest of us
But dust just waiting
To break apart
Dust just floating
with no real heart
We’re just dust
So easily brushed aside
Dust just about to
To crumble
And fly
  Dec 2018 Deep Sangani
You could paint a picture of our love
But be sure to keep it blurry
The fine details aren’t there so you could paint it in a hurry
I tell myself the details don’t matter
lines can be blurred
Though when I look into your eyes
Mine are cloudy with love deterred
Deep Sangani Dec 2018

It has hit me
like a bullet in my chest
that my only friends
were the demons in my head
the loneliness in my bed.

I am wilting
there is no escape.
You promised you'd help me
but you've left me to drown in gloom.

You don't really wanna know if there is something wrong with me.
You're only asking because
you can see
my carefully contrived mask melt away.

You want to pull each of my strings
and play harmony with them
do you realize
this is my heart you're throwing away?

You ask only
to bring music to your ears again.
You can't help anymore.
  Dec 2018 Deep Sangani
No more poems about the past,
None about the future.
I’m working I’m on being present
Instead of excusing myself to solve
old problems.
I’m trying hard to be in the moment, give people the attention that they deserve, and enjoy life. It’s hard with all the thoughts that constantly run through my mind, but it’s definately a work in progress.
Deep Sangani Dec 2018
I hope this is not cheesy

for how do i remind
your beauty that hides within.
for how do i describe
and how do i begin.

Your eyes drink my skin
like the first cup of coffee.
it is true
there are daggers in your smile.

Your voice reminds me of a harmonic beat
and its mere thought lulls me to sleep.

The universe melts into your eyes,
as the moon asks
to borrow your light.

You are the air in my lungs
and the words i speak.

Falling for you was not falling at all. It was like walking into a house and suddenly realizing you're home.
They say don't make homes out of humans.
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