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SilentAce Oct 4
Today I was asked about you.
They didn’t know that. But the memory of you came rushing from the depths of my long forgotten youth.  
Like a dream I tried to forget.
Or a nightmare I didn’t want to remember.


I remember you so clearly.
Your heart shaped face.
Dimples and tan skin.
You always wore that lavender hijab.
I remember your green eyes, with a brown freckle in the far right corner of your left eye.

I remember you laughing and being kind to me
I remember holding hands and skipping down the cracked sidewalk past the decans selling booza and kazooza.
I remember you skipping farther than my seven year old legs could take me.

You were my friend.
When people asked me if I had friends in Syria. They never know they are asking me about you.

You were only fifteen.
I’m convinced now.
After the final stone was thrown.
That I was your only friend in Syria too.
SilentAce Sep 15
I had a dream, on Friday the 13th.
So when I said i’d see you the next full moon,
I guess I was kind of right.

It felt like a movie scene,
based off of an old English romance novel I must have read once.

I was wearing a dress,
adorned in delicate beaded flowers.
It matches your eyes.

I felt my hair long against my shoulders, around me like a blanket as I walk.

The air is chilly, but feels perfect on my skin.
It makes me feel alive.

There are flowers everywhere, and I am surrounded by tall green hedges.

You're standing across this beautiful eden,
You smile at me, reassuring me to go come to you.

I hear the sweet song of birds,
Fluttering their wings above my head as I make my way to you.

I stop a few paces before you,
separated now only by the dewy morning light.

It feels as though it’s just you and I,
Having a secret rendezvous in a garden.

You look at me so intently as you close the distance,
Holding my face for a moment before you kissed me.

I think this is the part of the movie where we wordlessly fall in love.
SilentAce Sep 10
Why make a wish on a star?
When you could wish on an entire constellation.
I credit my younger self for such ingenuity.  

The Big Dipper.
Seven stars, seven wishes
I made wishes on Polaris too.

Tonight I gaze up at the Big Dipper,
Pavement warm underneath my thighs.
and I think of all the future starry nights,
Laying with you.

I remember the childhood I spent wishing on so many wild and trivial things.
Only a few ever coming true.

The moon will be full the next time I see you,
As will be my heart.

Because nowadays,
the only thing I ever wish for is you.
SilentAce Sep 8
I love the way you look at me,
so genuine and sweet.
I hope you always look at me like that.

I love that you always see me as beautiful,
even when I don’t feel that way at all.
I hope you always see me as that.

I love the way you gaze at my body,
It makes me feel utterly ****.
I hope you always thirst for it.

I love the way you make me feel,
loved, safe, and secure.
I hope it’s because I make you feel that way too.

Maybe we will stay like this forever,
each other’s greatest fans.
I hope we always will.
SilentAce Aug 27
Dear you,

I already knew that I loved you.
Months before those sweet words left my lips in our post bliss shower.

I had loved you...
When you tied me up and teased me with an icy tongue until I came for you.

I had loved you...
When every love song was suddenly about you.

I had loved you...
Oceanside in the back of your truck, with a crook in my neck and stars above our heads.

I had loved you...
When you understood my past, and yet still wanted to be apart of my future.

I had loved you...
When you demand, as though I’ll forget, that there be plenty of counter-space in our future home.

I had loved you...
When you agreed to travel the world with me and live a life craving adventure.

I had loved you...
When for my sake, you made adoption seem like it wasn’t a sacrifice for you.

I had loved you...
When because of you, I have started to love the idea of adopting a diapered infant to raise as our own.  

I had loved you...
When, for my sake, you pretended not to hear me call myself your wife. Twice now.

I had loved you...
When I was drunk off wine and biting my tongue to make sure I told you the words dancing in my head when I was sober.

But most importantly,
I love you.
Because you finally made me feel loved too.

                                                                - Love, Me.
SilentAce Jun 16
The color blue to me is a feeling.
Or was.

Dark blue used to be as mysterious as the ocean, and light blue as calming as the rain.

But then you came along and redefined my color blue.

Dark blue is now your favorite color,
and light blue, the color of your eyes.

The color blue used to be a feeling,
now it’s you.

And I think I love blue more and more everyday.
SilentAce May 21
Eggs, rice, turkey sausage, and lots of cheese.

With a side of mango
And maybe a side of me.
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