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Sierrah Nichole May 2020
I envy the cigarettes that kiss you goodnight,
And the fine white lines that make you feel alright.
I’m jealous of the whiskey that brings warmth to your skin,
And of your one off companions; tangled limbs in linens.
You tell me you’re prisoner to your fire within,
that you’re being tortured alive from your self inflicted sin.
You’re broken and bruised and turn to your vices
and build up a shelter in your self made crisis
And tell me it’s better that I walk away...
But my drug is you... and I have to stay.
Sierrah Nichole Jun 2019
Im chained to these thoughts that run my mind;
Scenes of us harmoniously intertwined.
I crave the touch of your lips on the curves of my neck,
As my hands trace your skin leaving no inch unchecked.

My fingers grip your shoulder blades as your chest is pressed against mine
And I feel the melodies of your fingertips that send pulsing shivers down my spine.

Our breath exhaled against each other’s in slow pattered rhymes.
Begging the clocks against us, to give us more time.
But I open my eyes, and as good as it seems,
My desire for you is only met in my dreams.
Sierrah Nichole May 2019
You’re just a gift unborn
A few months along in life
I was never alone
Cause my heart you did reside.

You’re sisters not ready
But I’ll know she’ll be in time
In just three months
Your love will be all mine.

And I sing to you softly
For now and all of our life
Can’t wait to hold you
And look deep in those eyes.

I woke up cold to the snow
And somethings not right at all
Just a few hours later...
I got the doctors call

Now December tore my soul into pieces
I can’t see a future without your presence
And I wish I didn’t have to remember
The excitement I felt about your big entrance
I feel alone
in this dark winter haze
My heart feels scorned
I’m tired of strangers embrace

Now it’s Christmas Day
And I’m thinking about your life,
how it was so short lived
And I’m still in the dark as to why.
Sierrah Nichole May 2019
You gave into the life of rock and fame;
Dove into to crowds that screamed your name.
But you broke your vows along the way
And took comfort in these vices that mixed up your days.

You let that devil on your shoulder put his voice in your head
And wound up with schoolgirls asleep in your bed.
And the angel that wept in the back of your mind
Has dwindled to nothingness after all this time.

You walk this tightrope between “good or evil”
Deluded decisions you made from that needle.
And with each and every step you take
Yet another young girls soul sure breaks.

You’ve poured in their mouths deceit from your spoon
And the strings of innocent hearts become untuned.
And I wonder if you have regret in your heart
From tearing those lives who loved you apart.

Spreading your sickness to all those around.
Poor victims that fell for your melodic sound.
But one day someone will break down your empire.
And set that rope you walk on, on fire.
Sierrah Nichole Mar 2019
My thunderous roars entranced you.
I pushed you to me with howling, heavy winds.
I Surrounded your heart with blackened clouds
And drowned your soul with the water beneath them.

On the waves of stormy emotions
I dragged you from the safety of the shore
And mindlessly you came to me
A more broken man than you’ve been before.

You chose to hear my song of solemn
Resonating within my familiar hymn.
When you arrived with eyes glossed over
you pleaded in broken cries for me to take you in.

When I kissed your lips to drink your warmth
My mouth caressed your sorrow  
I felt you praying for this day,
Wishing to never see tomorrow.

I sang you into that gentle sleep
And did so painfully
For I kissed away the pain you felt
That I’ve only seen within me.
Sierrah Nichole Jan 2019
Heart of glass and mind of stone
An internal war within my own
But I fall into you, kisses tender
And to my heart I ungraciously surrender

From the moment I read what your sad eyes described
I knew that, with you... my soul identified
The connection between us chokes up the air
And I tried my best to avoid temptations glare

But I gave into you, and I hold no regret
And this craving for you is starting to set
As I traced down your side with deepen desire
You pulled me in close, you’re grip getting tighter.

Now the hands on the clock are moving to fast
Albeit my wishes to make it last
And we continue our path in different directions
But I’ll remember that night in all its perfection.

Now my lips long to touch yours once more
And my skin lusts for you much worse than before.
I don’t know if we’re fated...but see
I wish if we’re not, we pretended to be.
Sierrah Nichole Jan 2019
A tender poets locution,
Captivating my soul with sorrow remark.
Has saved myself from drowning isolation
And through our words, becomes a spark.

With sound be in stitches
Your eyes deep enrapture,
My soul is at home
With your infectious laughter.

Relief from my affliction,
Wonderful illusion finds me vulnerable.
I find peace in your reflection
This sensation; overwhelmingly desirable

But I’m not the muse behind your art
You’re poetic love rests not with me
By the end of this night we’ll continue apart
Just like we’re wistfully fated to be.
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