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SM Mar 20
You will always be the feeling
I felt too much.
SM Mar 12
Brown eyes were never my favorite,
until I saw yours.
You think brown eyes are just brown eyes until you fall in love with someone who has brown eyes.
SM Feb 18
I was so unprepared.
Just four months ago you asked me to be yours.
Just four days ago you said you wouldn't let go of me.
Just three days ago you told me you loved me.
Just this morning you smiled at me like I was your whole world.
Just 2 hours ago it took you 5 minutes to tell me we are over.
So, two hours ago, the girl I love broke up with me with no good explanation or reason. It took her five minutes. She gave me a Hershey kiss like that will make up for breaking my heart. I obviously still love her so....
SM Feb 11
When I kissed you,
The world imploded,
But we were left untouched.

When I kissed you,
I was drifting,
Through the galaxies in your eyes.

When I kissed you,
My heartbeat intertwined with yours,
The way our hands did,
In your car,
On the way home.

When I kissed you,
It didn't matter that anyone could see us,
We are untouchable,
And infinite,
And endless.

I get it now,
This is love.
This is about my first kiss with my girlfriend. I'm so in love with her, and I think this poem describes it perfectly!
SM Feb 11
Please smile for me love,
It's my one simple request,
Just a little smile.
SM Feb 10
To all the lonely poets,
The amount of pain in your poems brings tears to my eyes,
You may be lonely,
You may be hurt,
You may be scarred,
You may not want to be alive,
But through the pain you feel, please let me patch your broken heart,
You think we've never met,
But I love you.
You think we've never met,
But you forget,
I've read your poetry,
I've read your soul.
And through the pain you feel, I think you're quite beautiful.
I love you so much, and if you don't believe me, believe that there is someone else who does. There is always someone who loves you.

— The End —