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Sienna Nov 2018
He no longer thinks for one, he thinks for two
An immediate thought of me and you
Without hesitation, singular becomes plural
In this sense of new
As "I" turns to "us", and comfort to trust
This uncontrollable love growing is a need, a must.
Sienna Nov 2018
Birdy, birdy fly away
Please keep going to see another day
When the sun rises above
and the children are out to play

Birdy, birdy flap your wings
Don't be a sad little thing
Keep on going on
and sing another birdy song

Birdy, birdy breathe in and out
Please don't die, don't let me pout
I love you so
My heart is draining, leaving a drought

Birdy, birdy in my arms
You were just here, where have you gone?
Please wake up, don't take long
I hold you now
but I don't feel strong

Birdy, birdy my little baby
The warmth has left you
So I'll leave a daisy
I don't want to let go,
I don't want to look down
I don't want to listen to this soundless sound

Oh birdy, I can't put you down
My heart is a drought but my tears make me drown
I want you here, I want you now
you were my little birdy baby, and now my birdy is in the ground
Sienna Mar 2018
I know it was not needed
I know it wasn't wanted
I longed to be farthest
Inside it had turned darkest

"No" hit the atmosphere,
it had echoed about
As their feeling drought
Sought to hold me down,
leave me powerless
Get off of me, I feel showerless

It hurts both ways, please don't touch
why won't you listen to me?
Mom, why do you watch?
Help me here, I've been lost
I feel *****, worthless
and I'm all I've got

I told you no, I fought for freedom
1, 2, 3 is a kingdom
ruling over
I'm controlled
When you finished
You left me alone
Yet the scene and image
Hurts me over and over

I told you no, you held me down
The touch was not pleasured
My screams were the sound
I hate you all
I hate myself
Nobody listens when I drown
Sienna Mar 2018
I enter a dark room
I search all over
Can't find my innocence
Can't feel any sober
I see him, sitting on the couch
Directly in front, I begin to slouch
"Hello dad" - words I'll never say
As he decided, that was the day
In the dark, he played a game
"If you leave, I'll blow out my brain"
No one to protect me, I gotta get away
Don't touch me daddy, I will never be the same
Leaving the house, closing the hidden door
I hope I never witness the gore
Sienna Mar 2018
Cold washes over
descending lower and lower
I grip onto my own being
but rejected again, I can't stop seeing
please take out my eyes, take out my mind
Shaking and bending
No concept of time
The sore returns, replacing my spine
I beg and I plead, give me a sign
I cannot seem to get out of my mind
But despite it all
I'll still manage to say,
"I'm just fine"
Sienna Mar 2018
Drifting away
in a day
can't focus now;
can't seem to stay.
Dissociating when it's not okay;
people everywhere,
yet the feeling isn't sought.
I'm shaking in past,
feeling distraught.
I am here, but I am not.
Sienna Mar 2018
I feel the fade
coming on
I feel the panic
sing a song
My heart beats fast
can't stay for long;
can't breathe right now

I fade,
off and on.
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