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Sid soup Sep 25
I am a thistle
a single blade
blowing in the wind
feeling breezy and thin
cutting through the current
like a revolution against the sensation
I am free to grow until it's my time to go
and until then I say hello to my sweet long-time fellows'
blades we stand in the sun and in the rain against the tyranny of man's machine.
6:23 am, I guess this is a sign of the shinning hour shinning on through my words
Sid soup Sep 1
I listened to her oh's and ah's
a hard life escaped my sight when she was right next to me
breathing the same air, I dared to declare, my love and an honest hearts epiphany
I caught myself focused intently on her supple curves around her waist
running my fingers along her thighs
letting my lips rest against her skin
I felt a pulse beating from within
these stimulations of touch began generating at least in my mind, visions of a distant time
it was in the memories of old, our love was buried
along with your touch, so warm and soft.
Sid soup Sep 1
the dreary land is windswept by a gust from the west
the cloudy sky is a sign, an even braver wind is approaching
when the west met the east they sat down in a field and had a picnic
they feasted on the lives of the land dwellers
the feasted on the lives of livestock
then they feasted on each other until there was no more of either
and what sight I was to behold when the earth stopped shaking and the ground grew cold
I felt the winds of change
and they seemed to say
let go of previous past possessions and obsessions, the hardline connections to your past will weigh down your hourglass
revel in the memories but march up against the great meaningless hourglass
climb the hill
we cannot live in the past.
Sid soup Aug 24
My furious love
how dashing you were when I caught sight of your might
how ferocious your prowl was on a night not clear
pouncing on your enemies like a game of hide and seek
your body was tough and your mind was lean
and yet, your love was pure, and your smile unique
my heart hasn't stopped beating for the source of your power
the gift that brought you to me in this late hour
the love I never knew better
the feeling of saying goodbye, hoping it never was forever
sweet memories fade, as my mind and hair turn gray
my love for you is still true, and your smile always makes me feel renewed.
His name was Bartleby.
Sid soup Apr 13
You're like a shiny seashell that I found at the beach. You were glimmering in all the right ways, your light dances and shimmers under the waves. You were absolute in your making, remarkable in your sinking, your color was so vibrant and brilliant your reflected light shined into astonishing dimensions of light so beautifully bright, It was as if I saw through a lens of color and the water just as you happened to be there merely by chance. With ocean surrounding you deeply in the waters enveloping embrace. The blanket waves crashing above; and yet, so calmly you were still, you lie pure, untouched by forces unknown by life above your own reckoning, so unable to escape this beautiful world has now become your prison, the isolation that sleeps with regret in those silhouetted depths that you sleep with nightly or daily you can't realize because you haven't been up lately.
When my low dragging eyes caught the view of your light shimmer in the water, I was set ablaze with a euphoric child-like excitement. I could not resist your beauty initially, those colors were so inviting flavored in an enticing shapely way I almost forgot how to breathe. When I approached the ocean, I approached it on my knees, it was as if to thank it for bringing such beauty to me which had seemed so effortless. Love in many forms such as this are rare, we must not forget the love provided by nature.
Sid soup Jan 11
An aversion to the complex conversation
a radical explanation of the common conversion direction with misplaced inspection
It's the sign of the benign revolution 
as a messenger of the end times, I make my plea
bring swiftly the ides of desolation end the conformity, end reprieve
the starvation and the political stagnation
with the eyes of a closed nation
nobody will flee to higher elevation
nobody with a clue will feel true emotion
nothing left to do but a clean brief motion
"Nobody deserves to feel"
but everybody wants to heal
the world has enough pain to suffocate the blue out of the sky
Sid soup Dec 2018
a golden balloon in the sewer has just as much value as the trash next to it. Its not who you are, but where you are that matters most to people
there aren't enough z's in the world to keep me in line with slime like the letter s.
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