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Siddhali Doshi Jun 2019
I sit down with my sorrows today
Earplugs plugged in-
Let the pain wash over
Let anxiety knock

It's knocking and knocking
Dare I let it in, the soul reminds-
Let it serve its reminder
But don't let it enter

The mind is strong
The soul is a little hurt
But with immense hope within,
Your fire ignites and glows in glory

Belief and disbelief
That's the play of anxiety
But have faith, my dear soul
As the miracles are on their way
All you once desired
Will soon be showered from the universe!
Siddhali Doshi Nov 2018
'Happier place' they call it
What is this place?
Is it pretty?
Or is it just a phase of life?

Happiness comes in waves they say
High tide or the low tide?
I do not understand this phrase
But I know it fades

Peace. What does that have to do with happiness?
They say happiness is peace
Okay then. I'll be calm.
Calmer, like the dead sea
And then will I be happy?

All these questions
But still a failure to understand happiness
Just quotes and sayings
And people calling their spaces happy

Where do I look?
But before, how do I measure?
Maybe I am happy
But dare I say I am not
Siddhali Doshi Oct 2018
You know,
I pray sometimes,
mostly out of desperation
The tired and drenched soul asking for relief
I do not ask him for my dreams to come true
But, I do give gratitude
And I ask for strength

I pray to thee
Set me on the path I am meant to be
I’ll climb those mountains
And not be scared to swim deeper
I’ll fight and breathe
Pause and rest, then push harder
I will chase the dreams
And I will bear the pain
All I ask thee,
Is for strength to keep going

Let the universe align
Let your faith be guided
The universe knows the plan
Your uncertainty will pass
Look back and you will see
That all was meant to be

To have you right here
In this very moment
Of clarity and purity
Breathe, my child,
For life knows mercy
Siddhali Doshi Oct 2018
Dear Florence,

I remember the day I first saw you. I swear that is the only time I ever believed in ‘love at first sight’. You were as calm as the meditating soul. Your passing wind soothed my beating heart.
In that first ride to my new house, I knew. I knew you were going to be my home. I knew you would mend all of my aching slits, stitch after stitch. Each day you bestowed me with a new beautiful day to inspire me, to metamorphose me, even more poetically than the phoenix rising from its ashes.

I knew, one day, I would say goodbye. Chasing your dreams can sometimes be a painful journey. I knew leaving you would shatter my soul into little pieces, strewed all around your streets and alleys and piazzas and bridges. But dear Florence, you deserve so much more than my little-scattered pieces.

As I say goodbye, pondering over the Santa Trinita bridge, I become forever yours. The joys you have given me, the memories of which will wander along through all my journeys.  My sorrows, the memories of the flowing Arno river will always wash away.

So, as I leave this place, I request you to take care of me. For ‘the me as I know it’ has become ‘the me as I knew it’. I am leaving behind this version of me for it is only in your shadows did she glow bright. Let your pink skies continue to set away all my anxieties. Let your rising blues continue to give me hope. Let the shining gold, always guide my heart home, just like the Duomo always guides us in its warm embrace. Let you ringing bells, help me rise every time I stumble. Let your art, keep my imagination flowing and let your symmetry create order in my life. Let your changing skies give me strength and inspire me to never stop, come what may.

Take care of me when I am gone. Just like you have over the past year.

Forever yours,
The girl who never really left.

— The End —