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Letters returned to sender
my heart in the blender
fingers burned
lesson learned!
Dark days, it’s never light
I have the lights on all day
Night is starting to close in at four pm
At least it’s a quiet time of year
Nothing is stirring
Typical November
No sun, no moon, no stars
A wide plain covered with setting rays
Warm scented air blowing through the aisle
Tweeting sounds I hear from the birds;
Sweetens my heart and melts all worries

Capturing every moment results in a hypnosis
Suddenly my eyelids kiss each other
My chest raises and slowly lowers,
Breathing that makes me feel sky-high

The trees dance to the rhythm of the wind
I gladly join the moment in my mind
A smile graciously falls without effort:
Enchantment by nature is absolutely gay.
Nature has a way of solving problems like stress. Give it a chance to make you feel better when you're almost burning out.
 Nov 2020 Sidharth Suraj
 Nov 2020 Sidharth Suraj
You were
My sigh of relief
And now
You’re gone
And I’m sitting here
Gasping for air
The fight will be over
But we know that's not true
We will always find pain
Right now it may seem
We'll get past all of this
But the soul understands
What we have will not last
Some others might say
That our love is forever
Our hearts know the truth

(Now read from the bottom up)
This is my heartache
To bear witness, to listen
As one of my adult sons
Cries from a heartbreak
Only to me will they cry
As I make soothing noises
 Nov 2020 Sidharth Suraj
I was crying
Before I went
I really did not want this to end
Sat down under the light
Waiting to see your drunk
face in the night

I will never force you to love me
But if you love me I won’t mind
Promise me you won’t change your mind
 Nov 2020 Sidharth Suraj
The sun was blackened
with snow, and the valley closed in quietly
with humming,
quietly as an hour of prayer.

There was a time
When each voice, each note
Carried on the wind as if
It had sprouted wings and flown away

And crystal water rained down
As confetti
Decorating the air around us
And sprinkled onto our hair and lashes

But I am alone now
Surrounded by flurries
Hearing nothing but the monotonous droning,
Trapped in this globe

Humming becomes deafening
And ice curdles my skin
Grey clouds have overtaken the sun in the sky
And you are gone.
This is another writing exercise from my class since that's all the writing I seem to be doing these days. The prompt was another first line prompt, and the first stanza of this poem is from "First Day of Winter" (I think?) by Breece D'J Pancake.
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