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If our love is a religion,
then let me preach this in silence.
Let me sit in your shrine,
devoted to my highness.
I will worship you as my only belief,
I will plead to you as my only relief.
"my newfound faith"
When in a Combat to death,
only one realises the true potential of human drive,
the ecstasy of dripping blood,
the transcendence to feel the last of a beating heart,
to feel the end of a soul in terror.

The two lives in question,
are placed on the same pedestal of reality
until one realises their potential to play God.
The momentum of giving a life seems to fade
in comparison to allowing one.

The one that experiences the last breath,
the being that fathoms he can grant an end,
is the only one that realises the inability of God over Death.
ink turned ******
I still reach out
through these murky windows of my soul,
trying to search
for those clay dolls of my dead emotions.

Floating around motionless in white,
I still accidently encounter
our murals from the past.
This bruised emotion called Love,
Gives my reality a chance to lose out to an unexpected challenger called hope.
But the scars on my shattered self now seem to heal on their own
It'sust that the scabs from my wounds now look like roses with no thorns.
Falling in love is amazing until you feel like falling in reverse.
Today I caught a glimpse
of someone's real beauty.
The fragrance of a thousand orchids,
the glow of a fallen angel,
the essence of a hundred dawns.
I felt the loving of a wounded heart,
I felt the need to heal those emotions.
and my feeling couldn't hold back
nor could I remember my leap
into the ravine of her affections.
Now I flow with her reality,
now I enjoy drowning in these feelings.
I love you.
It was definitely worth a try to let my heart go astray,
just so it could know how far it can venture.
It is a different emotion that it came back ragged and bruised,
what is more beautiful is the scars it carries now they glow in this darkness,
almost like stars illuminating my lonliest nights.
It ventured through storms and draughts went all the way and jumped off the edge of love, betrayal, promises and hope.
What came back was
a shattered piece
smiling through the cracks.
After all the bloodshed of
its dying laughter and unknown disaster,
It was definitely worth a try.
"The scars heal in shapes of roses with no thorns"
"Falling in love"
irony of this expression is pure genius.
Sidharth Suraj Dec 2020
Think about your lips and the way they kiss
There's so much I really miss about you,
you have been on my mind
every single night,
I can't visualize life without you.
And I haven't felt peace without you
All of the memories feel like magic
All of the fighting seemed so sweet
All that we were, my love, was magic
And you're the last thing that I need

So I lay a dozen roses
for the lover that I've found.
I stand by all my choices,
even though I may pay the cost
Oh, all those nights, the lows and highs,
I share them all with you.
So I lay a dozen roses, I lay them there,
I lay them there for you.
/ Not original /
Lyrical Genius of SAM SMITH,
slightly modified the song "Lover that I lost"
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