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Shreya Yonjan Sep 2015
have you ever felt the desperateness to write but then you're suddenly out of words when you hold a pen and a paper???
Shreya Yonjan May 2015
She was the one who brought me up,
she was the true epitome of beauty,
she was the one who i'd look up to,
she was my truest inspiration,
she taught me to live womanhood,
she let me enjoy the color of herself,
she let me play with her,
she let me swallow her,
she let every be her part,
She made small parts of herself!
she let me be fully reliable on her,
she let me dazzle by her gifts,
she let me want to be grateful to her,
but somewhere i made a mistake,
i learned more than she taught,
I misguided for an independence
I let myself discover,
She let me go on conditions,
Conditions that made worst out of me,
but i being a human deceived to be satisfied,
i dishonoured and failed to gratify,
i exploited her beauty and turned her colours,
once in a full blossom and now she was dull,
she was unhappy and a fail,
she asked where had she gone wrong,
she found no clue for all she gave,
was love, love and beyond,
and now she stayed all deceived,
she avenged in outrage
and now I'm on my knees.
Oh dear, i'm on my knees!

— The End —