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 Dec 2 Grace Ann
When I'm sad I like to think about traffic,
The way it might feel if a car swerved,
And every one of my bones crushed all at once.
When I'm happy I think about traffic,
How terrifying it would be if a car swerved,
And I lost everyone and everything all at once.
I'm in love with you like I love oncoming traffic.
 Nov 20 Grace Ann
BJ Donovan
I'm old enough to be my grandpa
  who was thrown in his grave years
  ago when I was 13. I'm gray haired
  and wrinkled with laughter etched
  in my face with no lips to speak of.
  Teeth aren't white but they're mine.
  I'm better in some light than others.
  I'm probably best naked in the dark.
 Nov 18 Grace Ann
I cough words
onto a page,
and hold it up to the world.
They call it art, they call it poetry.
 Nov 18 Grace Ann
Tobe Rune
Google maps says
it will take me
21 days to
walk to you.
Just enough time
to break the habit
of thinking
that I need to.
 Nov 8 Grace Ann
She came back today
new hair swishing, talking, laughing
non-verbally different.

trendy, mismatched clothes
shapeless pants
a cheap embroidered windbreaker.
even with heels, she seems below me,
no longer restrained, outspoken, quiet, or fun.

I’m grasping for normality,
clinging onto her old expressions
that rolling of the eyes
flicking of the tongue
replaced by swishing
maneuvering, stoutly and gracefully
all at once.  

once we were little planets
now transformed into a shooting star
and me, firmly grounded in familiar earth.
 Jun 18 Grace Ann
I’m lazy, not depressed
That’s why I lay in bed all day
My room is a mess
And my limbs don’t work anymore
I’m lazy, not depressed
I’m sad because I’m irresponsible
I cry because I’m guilty,
I don’t cry because I’m depressed
I cry because I’m lazy.
That’s all I’ll ever be
No one said that to me
But actions are more than speak
 Jun 18 Grace Ann
You get so alone at times that it just makes sense.
 Mar 7 Grace Ann
It hurts.
Not in the hellish,
But in the way a muscle does when you over extert it
It burns.
When my mind sparks, it catches,
and burns.
 Feb 6 Grace Ann
Grace E
I traced the texture of your words
Like my heart was blind
And your voice was braille
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