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4h · 44
Quote 23🌷
Wherever you are
you will flourish inside
wherever your roots are
Go home!

Shell ✨🐚
6h · 43
Break open sweet morning
Let the sun come in
Let daylight take over
Let  hard working begin
To work for a better tomorrow
To achieve peace and harmony
One healthy earth one nation
A new era where freedom wins

Watch the nightfall falling
Over this beautiful earth
It’s time for
moonlights shining
Shining light on this new begin.

A world where there is no hatred, no wars, no refugees.
Where everyone is equal.
Where love wins.

Shell ✨🐚
Let us all stay positive and be good towards each other!! Let thee be love and peace
Featherlight being
To be driven by the wind
To temple of love.

Shell ✨🐚
There is this intense light
Shining from within
Yes I carry you
I carry you within.
I took the love I feel for you
put it in a woodenbox
Locked it with a golden lock
Put a diamond stone on top
And buried it in my heart
Precious jewel in my heart
Shine and lighten up my heart.
Forever and always!
Forbidden things can preferable stay hidden.

Shell ✨🐚
Some kinds of love are forever hidden.
Unspoken, pure.
1d · 82
Quote 22🌷
Own your worth.
You’re all you have.
Leave a sparkle wherever
you go✨✨

1d · 43
Haiku- justice
People’s rights so right
George floyds trial makes me sad
Justice is needed.

It’s time for justice and equal rights for all!! Respect human rights!!
Trillions  of stars.
Billions of  people
Millions of  trees
Thousand sheeps
For us to sleep
We had
Honderd  acquaintances
Ten  friends.
One good friend
One love.
Now just one Phone
With everyone in it!!!
Still one earth
Still one God
Still thousand sheeps to sleep.

Shell ✨🐚
Technology  changed everything!!!
2d · 122
Quote 21🌷
Don’t think you are invisible.
Some are only visible to the right eyes!!

Shell ✨🐚
2d · 73
Upside down 🍀
We live in a world
Where at the moment
everything is upside down
Where there is hate
There should be love
Where there are wars
There should be peace
Where people are like birds in cages
There should be freedom for us all.
It’s time for a change now
For a better world
Let’s make everything upside down
downside up again.

Shell ✨🐚
We’re all together on this earth let’s live and respect each other!!
3d · 181
Quote 20🌷
The most beautiful words written come from
a heart in love
a heart in pain
a heart full of faith!

Shell ✨🐚
3d · 113
Each new day
Morning break
Sunrise,  a silent explosion of the sky.
Sunbeams to warm you
To give you strength
To be a sunbeam yourself
for someone each new day
So I pray!

Pray for goodness and strength so you can be good to others every day. Always be kind. Gratitude for each day to make a difference!
4d · 117
Dear friend
In my memory box I kept this special jewel.
It’s the memory of you dear friend.
Memories  forever locked up.
Safely hidden  for what once was.
Passed away but not forgotten.
Forever safe forever shining
Dear friend
You will always be this song
This precious jewel in my heart.

Shell ✨🐚
When a dear friend has passed away, you have a the precious memories locked up inside of you. Things you two only shared !
4d · 194
Quote 19🌷
People can be like treasures
Save  the ones you treasure most.

Shell ✨🐚
4d · 41
Heavy scent of flowers
Ascending up to heaven
Lay down in your garden
close your eyes
let the scent  sink in.
Now you can say you tasted heaven , right here on earth where it begins.

Shell ✨🐚
Let the beauty of spring nature capture you and set you free.
5d · 39
Quote 18🌷
Be that person who always smiles back at you in the mirror!

6d · 115
Quote 17🌷
What really matters in your life is YOU.
Your inner child.
Your dignity.
Your conscience
So give yourself a chance
Be good to yourself.
Everything will fall in place
You are worthy.

Shell ✨🐚
You can’t give what you yourself don’t have!!
The mind knows
a thousand ways
to survive the waves
Coming like a tsunami  
To literally wash you away

The mind brings to mind
All the known mirages
As  seen by
desperate desert wanderers
walking in the heat
Showing the mind ways
Hope inducing images.
How not to drown

Never give up
Even while falling apart
He will show you tools
How to survive
How to rise up till you reach heaven.
All you need is faith!

Shell ✨🐚
Never lose hope always have faith
7d · 95
Quote 16🌷
It’s not enough
for me
to say that you love me!
You have to make me feel
that you love me.

Shell ✨🐚
Words are just words!
7d · 476
Shy moon 🌙✨
The moon watched her every night.
She looked up and searched with her eyes.
He  was sure she was looking at him.
Even could hear her talking .
Talking in such a sweet voice
Told him she was lonely
if he had seen her love
That’s when he knew
He was falling in love
Falling in love with  big sad eyes.
Shy moon
hid behind the clouds.

Shell ✨🐚
The magic of the moon
Apr 9 · 31
A sunrise,
so divine!
One of Gods great creations
Another painting
In the sky
God the holy painter .

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 9 · 52
Quote 15🌷
When the bud of the flower
first gets  sight
It sees this wonderful picture
of a deep blue sky .
Then it shows you its colors!

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 9 · 49
Just dots
We are nothing more
then  little dots
in this great universe
Little dots everywhere
Which can disappear at any moment,mostly unprepared.
Leaving this grand
picture unchanged
No one cares.
We’re nothing more then
insignificant dots
in this infinite universe.
So live and do good
make a difference
before it’s over.

Live life the fullest!! Always try to be good!! Live with love!!
Life is too short.
Apr 8 · 51
Looking how the raindrops
are slowly sliding on the window.
As sad feeling finds it way .
People are struggling to survive
so many  problems stressing all the way.
Yes life isn’t easy for so many
Can others imagine what it’s like?
To live from day to day.
Not knowing what tomorrow
will be like.
everything gray every day?
No life is not easy nowadays.

Corona something to live with.
Every day struggles.
Apr 7 · 88
Quote 14🌷
Life is deep !!! Bottomless!
Free fall, fall free
Feel its meaning to the  core.
It’s a journey to the unknown.

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 7 · 34
Fresh start.
When a smile warms the heart
Sun shines everywhere
Clovers covering the ground
Time for a fresh start anywhere.
New season of the heart
Sorrows and turbulence will  stay but.....
looked at , in a different way.
Time to let go of the past
Think of things
Soothing for the heart
Let the love melt in within
You are on your way
To better things .
Always stay good at heart .

Every morning you get a new chance for a new beginning!!
Apr 7 · 91
Quote 13🌷
Capture the wind
Capture a sunbeam
For a breeze and warmth
To be saved in tiny bottles of the mind.
To get you through life.

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 6 · 183
Pin down art.
Delicate beauty
Want to look at you forever
Let me pin you down
I will save you in positions
to be admired all the time.
To conserve you till the end of history.
Captured color, wind and light
in an art piece.
Forever moving  
forever touching the mind.

Art can live forever .
In any form!
Apr 5 · 39
Let me be taken by the wind
To a faraway place
Where love stories begin
Maybe I’ll meet you there.

Beautiful journey of the mind
Apr 5 · 476
Quote 12🌷
My love for you is lke a pearl inside a shell.
Safe.  shiny and pure.

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 5 · 73
Morning break 🌅
Walking barefoot on wet grass
in morning dew.
While the sun breaks through
Soft beams are warming you.
Feel happy, feel free
These are the little things
giving meaning to your life.
Close your eyes enjoy.
A new day to be welcomed with gratitude and delight.

Shell ✨🐚
Be grateful every morning!!
Apr 4 · 111
Quote 11🌷
Don’t make a spider web
to become trapped in it yourself.

Shell ✨🐚
Many build a life and at the end they don’t feel free anymore. Priorities are vey important. Don’t lose yourself along the way.
I love you because,
You always smile back at me.
You always search for me with your eyes.
When I  need it most
You hold my hand.
You always comfort me when I’m sad.
You let me be me.
But most of all I love you because you set me free.

Shell ✨🐚
That’s the way love is  supposed to be!!
Apr 3 · 234
Quote 10🌷
Stay true to your inner child
The only one you’ll die with.

Shell ✨🐚
Apr 2 · 41
It’s time
While she struggles to talk
while holding back  the tears
She bows her head
You can hardly hear.
Don’t  have the courage to interrupt
Afraid she’ll be silent again.
So you make an effort to follow
her story.
It’s time.
For her to tell
For me to listen.

Shell ✨🐚
Often it takes a lot of courage for women to tell their story, their pain.
Always listen without judging!
Always keep an open mind.
Apr 2 · 115
From far beyond
From far beyond I watched you
From far beyond you touched me
Like a sunbeam under the sea
My innercore
My soul
My spirit
I’ve been waiting for so long
From far beyond
You warm me.
Like never before
Find  what you’ve  been searching for.

Shell ✨🐚
Some people are like sunbeams in your life! As is our Creator!
Mar 31 · 108
Ultimate surrender
When your hand holds mine
fingers fit fingers
When your breath touches mine
Ultimate surrender
Close your eyes
Let it be.

Ultimate means fully! 100%.
Mar 30 · 118
Quote 9🌷
Don’t judge not knowing me
Don’t judge knowing me
Don’t judge at all !

Shell ✨🐚
Never judge.
Mar 30 · 499
Deeply in love
Being in love so deeply
so beautiful and intense.
Want to be taken away
by the different winds
To a place unknown
a place far away
Where no one knows
Where no one has to pretend
Where I can be in your arms
and gaze deeply in your eyes
A longing to belong to you
as never known before
To let me take you in my arms
And make you mine.

As long as there is life you can fall in love! For whatever reason for.
Mar 29 · 83
The gamble
Life is a gift.
Spend it well.
live healthy and with respect.
Life itself is a gamble.
Play with gratitude
Be thankful and win the lottery every morning.

In life we must be simple, grateful and humble!! Makes you a happy person.
Mar 28 · 63
Endangered bird
Shy, beautiful with sweet song
Bright yellow color

Shell ✨🐚
Haiku of the yellow cardinal
Sometimes out of the blue
it hits you.
This special feeling coming over you
from long ago
when you were a child
When you were home
A longing for what was
but has gone by.
It’s still inside you.
makes you happy
makes you cry.
It defines who you are
and why you are
the way you are.

Shell ✨🐚
Nostalgia, sometimes when you close your eyes you can feel exactly as you did when growing up. In your home!!
Mar 27 · 204
Deep opposite sky
Lightless star from deep in sea
Coral like beauty

Shell ✨🐚
Let us save our ocean, our earth
Mar 26 · 292
Let’s lie down
under sun and open sky,
under moon , under the  stars!
With  the purest love of all
You’re my king and
I’m your queen
till end of time
Let’s be royal for a day
make a castle
And hide a way.
Live happily ever after
as in a fairytale.

Shell ✨🐚
You can always dream!!
Life isn’t a fairytale at all.
Keep dreaming.
Mar 25 · 121
Deep within
Deep in my eyes
there is hidden passion
Deep in my heart
there is hidden love
Deep in my mind
there is hidden thought
Deep in my soul
there is hidden pain
Deep in my spirit
there is God!!
Deep in me is....
a reflection of you

Shell ✨🐚
Deep within we are all the same
Mar 25 · 77
When you leave
Only sadness and tears
Knowing you can go on
without me.
The world and my dreams
turn black and white
The stars have lost their sparkle.

Shell ✨🐚
Sadness and heartache
Mar 24 · 126
Quote 8🌷
To be able to be good to someone, anyone, you have to be good to yourself first!

Shell ✨🐚
Mar 24 · 93
Passionate love
My love for you is strong.
Like a branch of an olive tree.
Always moving with the wind.
Passionately, where I belong
Always bending effortless.
For the whole world to see.
Desires sensual and endless
Close your eyes
Wait for me!

Where there is love there will be passion!
Mar 23 · 154
There is this place
the source.....
of being
There is this light....
where we were born
where we return
when time  no longer
When all goes dark
and eyes no longer seeing.
While  Life floats away silently
and choir singing hummingly
The  Spirit flows
Into this light
Enlightening  the soul
so bright ......
while crossing over .

Shell ✨🐚
In honor of a friend! Stay strong!!!
Mar 23 · 52
Quote 7🌷
In the garden of God every flower is special !!!!

Shell ✨🐚
Mar 23 · 204
Everything in harmony
Scents to heaven
Yellow marigolds
Purple lavenders
White oleanders
Red roses
Blue violets
Rose lilies
Green ferns
And forget me nots...
Forget me not!!

Flower paradise!!
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