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the sun kisses us
while that good ol' Sublime plays
and the joint is sparked
Anything there is unhealthy
Anything there is evil
Let us make them disappear from the heart
Let it not be even dim.

Get rid of all lies
Let the truth to take the lead
Enlightened mind, enlightened moment
Let the dire thoughts be disrupted.

On the path of light beyond darkness
Gathered all
Injustice and inequality
Shouldn't cry silently.

Become affected by unfairness
Let us not do any job
To build an orderly society
We have to take an oath today.
God gives your strength.
God gives us love to overcome.
Death, it's tough for everyone.

For a parent losing a child.
It's a rough ride of sadness and sorrow.
When knowing your child won't be around tomorrow?

For a child reflecting back through memories.
It brings tears of joy to know that you were loved.
Especially when you had some good parents?
Yes, some good ones.
Even if they weren't perfect to some?

In your eyes, they were perfect to you.
And that's all that counts.

Yes, death, it's a tough road.

To lose any siblings hurts.
Words of comfort don't ease the pain that much.
It takes time to adapt and adjust.

We all have said I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

But scriptures lay put there is a time and there is a season.
And we aware God does things for various reasons.
I look at all the years gone by their substance gulfed in time. Days are in the mix with all of their tricks the weeks and months sublime. With all of the time that I've been given I'm grateful for it all, for a new chance at life with all of it's strife even when I take a fall. You see time is so precious the millionaires would give it all for just one more drop, I'm sorry to say that time can't be paid it always has to come to a stop. So, while we're all here stay true to what's dear and when time is over for you, I pray no regret I haven't had any yet and part of me is glad to be through.
I wrote this poem thinking about what is really important in life and for me it is time, the poem tells the rest.
there is no delineation
in time

i can not see
with my mind’s eye

the beginning
or end

there is just now
you at my side
Do not fall in love
Go before you break in two
I don't deserve you
You are too good for me
People come and
In and out of your
Life and it's the ones
Who touch your
Heart will stay forever
With you in life because
They truly love you in life.
Our Life 🌹🌹
jumping into your skin
walking a mile (in your boots)

sharing experience
empathy for pain

connection beyond speech
a silent reality

deeper than words
deeper than skin
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