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Sep 2020 · 60
good day - good.
purple heart Sep 2020
i feel bright and fresh.
one of those rare day.

so why does my mind
a supposedly friend
trying so hard
to eff it up?

is the mind same as
those two faced
whose memories
ruins the day?

are they both alike?
i wonder.
on days like this,
obviously takes away the good.
is wanting a bright shinning so unacceptable to my ego?
Sep 2020 · 233
purple heart Sep 2020
may the universe,
understand the lies
which have been around for a while.

& declare your deal as the truth.
cause you are nothing but true.

just blamed for all the lies & crimes
for just being a little too nice.
Justice in action. Faith in self.
Sep 2020 · 95
purple heart Sep 2020
may your days feel,
different by each passing day.

may the mundane,
not **** your dreams every other day.

may the child in you screams,
out of excitement once in a while.
May good things happen to you from now onwards. Strength for the untamed shall be provided by the almighty.
Feb 2020 · 53
purple heart Feb 2020
it's really hard to not take things
to the heart

when all you know is how to take it
that way

protecting your feelings from all the harsh
things people do

is something not know

is something to work on

is something really hard
Feb 2020 · 199
purple heart Feb 2020
foggy winter
dewy grass
icy pebbles

your steeps,
my steps
warmer pebbles.
Jan 2020 · 131
pinky promise
purple heart Jan 2020
i have me,
i'll not let myself down is a promise
i'll keep forever.
Jan 2020 · 46
purple heart Jan 2020
he loved me
so did i


i wasn't able to breath my air
i wasn't able to talk my mind
i wasn't able to think my thoughts

the kinda space you demanded
left me with nothing for myself
not even an emptiness of nothingness
health boundaries are a must. stand up, talk it. then walk away.
Jan 2020 · 147
purple heart Jan 2020
when everyone you love
love's a different version of you
how is one supposed to pick,
which one to stick too?

which one is the one?
the one you really truly are?
the one that makes you, you?

or do you ever need picking?
when every person brings out something different in you. it's hard to feel you're being true to yourself. sticking to what feels right is the key to avoid people who don't align with us.
Jan 2020 · 59
purple heart Jan 2020
some days are really gloomy,
other days are why was i ever gloomy.

how do you find a balance,
when you don't really know,
why you feel what you feel.

happy for no reason at all,
and being sad for the same.

how do you figure yourself,
how do you not be sad,
when you don't know what made sad.
in touch with emotions check. reasons for those uncheck
Jan 2020 · 372
purple heart Jan 2020
to let go and move on.
you must know what they truly are;
not what they say;
not what they do;
is not an easy thing to do,
cause all they did was to justify every move.

to know you deserve everything your heart aches for
is not easy my friend, cause all it has know
is to silence it, whenever it says.

you are allowed to be, if you truly allow;
no one, just you.
unlearn the things
a glorious life  awaits

no more hanging on to the harming
the only one you truly need is you
no one else, just you.
listen to the inner voice, stop shutting it up. it deserves to be heard. and so do you.
Oct 2019 · 167
purple heart Oct 2019
How are you doing today?
or Just reliving yesterday!
sometimes you just someone who would ask you this.
and the respond doesn't matter.
cause trust me the day go a bit better.
Aug 2019 · 154
purple heart Aug 2019
when you are grieving, complaining, arguing
when you think no one's watching above the clouds.

when you are so exhausted, all you want to do is sleep but can't
when you think good souls aren't around anymore

then one usual day,
something terrible works itself out.

that's when i feel pure bliss
that's when i feel i am looked after

that's when i think he's way more near than i can ever imagine
that's when i think that my existences matters.
he's there, trust me! faith is something i hold very closely to me. but sometimes it's really hard, to hold on to your beliefs. just never give up.
Aug 2019 · 179
purple heart Aug 2019
how can some people not see,
how can they not feel,
how terrible unkind and unjust
are they being.

doesn't their soul shiver?
does sound sleep come to them at night?
doesn't their heart, skip a beat?
does the unheard replies haunt them?

i wonder
they mange to breathe after.
people often forget, how to act like humans.
there should be a crash course for that.
Aug 2019 · 148
purple heart Aug 2019
i knew we wouldn't talk each day,
like we are used to now.

i didn't knew that it would,
just happen, like that
without a fight from your side,
without a reason for not letting me stay

it was the person in you that i mourn for
a person to whom i could
ask anything
say anything
cause i knew, i was understood
without ever justifying

i mourn for this person, i really do.

whom i supposed to blame other than fate?
but the heart would have felt better,
if you just tried
a bit.
you left long before you actually left,
the saddest part is i felt it,
and still couldn't or didn't wanted to do anything more,
cause i chose myself before you could have destroyed me,
like you did to yourself
Aug 2019 · 982
purple heart Aug 2019
the night sounds so peaceful;
shush, i said to myself.
the feeling i was waiting for, wanting to stay.
without a reason.
Aug 2019 · 312
purple heart Aug 2019
i don't feel myself anymore.
i don't think anything good can happen to me.
the world feels unfair and unjust.
well who can i blame dad always said,
the world is no place to expect rectitude.

so whom i supposed to point fingers at?
what am i supposed to complain about?
when all of this came in the manual.

maybe i have to let goo, and just focus on myself.
that's what most suggest.
well, i try everyday, to forgive and forgive
just to never be forgiven
just to never have anyone let goo
just never.

i am still full of gratitude.
just like time taught me, and no one else.
how are you supposed to lead a life without expecting? just how? doesn't every human require to conduct in a certain way? aren't they?
Aug 2019 · 275
purple heart Aug 2019
i wonder,
how can it be that a thing so inhuman
be responsible for us acting like one.

the soft smiles, the warm welcomes
don't they mean anything?

does my personality has any chance,
when you weighing cheque books?
can money buy kindness? can it? is my soul really "priceless", as they say?
Aug 2019 · 370
purple heart Aug 2019
anytime someone praises the qualities i own,
i feel like a trickster.
a master of deception
a queen of lies
a doomed being
that doesn't deserves anything

just criticism
is what feels fine.
am i sick?
do i need treatment?
do i need to be locked up in a cage?
do i?

please say i do.
cause that seems just alright.
cause i just feel unhappy about everything.
Aug 2019 · 226
purple heart Aug 2019
i don't feel happy like i used too.
i wonder what's different.
is it you or me.
or maybe i just don't feel the same anymore.

maybe we need to break it off.
a break, or need to break it off?
Jul 2019 · 245
purple heart Jul 2019
I never had to think once,
whether she loved me or not,
cause she was always there,
living her life for me,
unconditionally loving me,
creating an ambiance where i could thrive,
become someone i wanted to be.

my life is her's, is it wrong to say so?
your mother was there!
Jun 2019 · 502
purple heart Jun 2019
when you smile,
i feel...
that i am not
all dead,
smile more often, my love.
Jun 2019 · 76
a friend for real.
purple heart Jun 2019
are you really my friend?
i wonder every time someone,
comes close towards this heart.

it has forgotten,
how to trust,
how to unlearn that people don't care,
how to think that some aren't bad.

are you that one my friend?
do you really care for this silly human.

a no as an answer is well accepted here,
without any questions,
without any explanations.
you are free to walk away.

the deal being you never turn back.
not the same anymore, questions everything and everyone.
Jun 2019 · 90
purple heart Jun 2019
today, i forgave you.
yesterday, and a lot of days before that, i used to wonder
how could, you do this to me?
how could , you not care?
how could you leave like that?
how could you be so indifferent towards me?

i figured, maybe that's the best you have to offer right now.
or maybe our chapter has ended.
either way, you are not here with me, says that's how you want it to be.

i have stop wondering the what ifs between us.
cause that's not a reality.
i need to love the real world without you in it.
it was tough.
it's still at times.

but i have reach here.
and no more reminiscing.

i have made peace,
with your existence in my memories,
no more wishing and wondering.
May 2019 · 214
purple heart May 2019
i was looking outside,
at those empty roads,
which were busy a while ago,
it enjoys this,
so do i, no one else just you and the road.

i was hoping to see,
a plain dark sky,
sometimes it looked black
other times shades of other dark.
the usual.

but today was different,
today it had a tiny star on it,
gleaming, glowing, glaring
i wanna see my star soon,
maybe be i will on an unexpected night.
just like tonight.
today i saw a star
in this "urban", unconnected world.
irony? huhh.
May 2019 · 169
purple heart May 2019
when i had forgotten,
how the land felt like;
how unshakable & peaceful it felt like;
how the fertile earth smelled like;
how the water could never be like,

i saw the lighthouse,
the light which my eyes couldn't believe saw,
the  light which it believed had ceased to exist.

that's when it saw,
the unseen able.

the wanderer in me,
got a hope, a home, a keep
when i  saw
the lighthouse.
looking for a lighthouse, where my soul could find comfort and keep.
where it doesn't needs to be but still wants to be anyway.
May 2019 · 192
just for today.
purple heart May 2019
I don't feel in touch with any of my emotions.
why is it soo?
cause i am healed?
this feels just right, lets leave it here,
just for today?
May 2019 · 181
purple heart May 2019
has this even happened to you?
that whenever something bad happens,
you feel the blessings,
cause those eyes,
have already seen so much worse.
remember the bad times.
May 2019 · 111
purple heart May 2019
people forget,
parents forget,
peers forget,
everything you did.

never do something for them to remember.
do it for you, to cherish & then to forget..
'cause that's the right thing to do, right?
May 2019 · 139
purple heart May 2019
it has happens to everyone,
it isn't something so mournful,
it isn't so tough,

i be okay until, a flashback
and then the reality hits back.
it doesn't gets okay, until one day it just does.
May 2019 · 85
purple heart May 2019
i don't know what kind of love, i know.
i don't really know whether we talking about the same love.
i really don't.

all i have known is that there have been people in my life,
who really cared for me,
who really appreciated me,
who really loved me for me.

and they left.
they left despite all this love.
they left despite all the goodness in my heart.
they left by trying to tear me apart.

and when i didn't, they thought i never loved at all.
maybe i don't know the love
you 're talking about.

maybe i never want to.
to a friend who couldn't be a friend anymore.
May 2019 · 247
purple heart May 2019
you were a part of my life,
where i never allowed anyone in.
you meant so much to me that words can describe,
but i would rather not.
you are now in those parts of my heart,
which i forgot exists.
hence i forgot you and how you looked and what you meant.
welfare to memories of a friend is tough
May 2019 · 110
purple heart May 2019
you don't have to be like someone you aren't,
you just gotto to do you,
and be who you are.
just to be a bit better everyday,
then you actually are.
the world needs good, my friend.
the world needs you.
love change as well
May 2019 · 288
purple heart May 2019
i have me, is that enough?
i have me, is something to comfort?
i have me, isn't meant to sound proud.
the need for the one
May 2019 · 232
purple heart May 2019
a day past you didn't disappear,
a day past you didn't run away,
a day past you didn't kneel down,
a day past you didn't say i give up.
May 2019 · 112
purple heart May 2019
now, I feel alive.
not because someone walked in, whom I love now.
but 'cause I found myself, who i can love now.
unconditionally, for the rest of my life.
love for yourself, is the most precious one.
May 2019 · 504
purple heart May 2019
i was fine,
i was breathing,
but dying inside,
suffocating in an open field,
trapped in my own body
unable to set free.

i was like that.
your past self
May 2019 · 69
a day
purple heart May 2019
was made of a lot of things i enjoyed
wasn't lively though
if didn't had
them in it

what a waste of a day,
lovely day?
May 2019 · 146
purple heart May 2019
Some old;
Some less old;
Some brand new;
And the only one which was there since the beginning.

Could you be that light for me honey?
The one who is never replaced,
The one who stays forever,
The one who is there every night,
The one who never asks for anything,
And still shines endlessly expect some nights.
Those nights are terrible and I’m lost.
Could you be that?
Also a bit more?
Could you do that?

Will you say and really stay?
Will you wave and never say goodbye?
Will you understand me when I don’t want to be understood?
Will you sit outside by the door when I want to be left alone?
Will you set my plate even when I say I m not hungry just in case?
Will you be mine even when I am not being me?
Will you believe in me even when it’s not easy?
Will you do all this and still act like it’s nothing!
Will you be my lover forever?
‘Cause I would love to love you forever baby!
May 2019 · 96
purple heart May 2019
she makes her own music
meanwhile others dance on someone else's

she taps her back
meanwhile others post it for someone else

she tears away
meanwhile others stay "strong".
May 2019 · 229
purple heart May 2019
they don't knock
they don't announce
they don't ring up
before they appear

they come in silently
they talk softly a few times
they wave a few times

the next thing you know
they are the part of a      
historic building which's
there and will be there

— The End —