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Shay 6d
Sometimes the world is all too much.
Other times it is simply not enough.
It is overwhelmingly beautiful that way.
Shay 6d
I want to understand you
&maybe if you gave yourself some time,
you could understand me too.
Shay 6d
...I guess I’m afraid
That maybe you don’t see me.
Do you see my colors?
Shay 6d
But what are we, if we do not feel?
Shay 6d
Your colors are leaving me,
Now they are just painted on the walls.
Shay 6d
I admire the monsters that live within you.
I think they are beautiful.
Shay 6d
As I waited I felt you fading,
In a small blanket of snow.
On the corner of a familiar street,
At the Motel Du Beau.
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