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Shay Aug 19
Welcome to my mind.
Tangled in the depths of the coding of the modern-day internet.
Shay Aug 19
Down and down it goes.
The dusk fire  dissipates,
And the jaded Moon arose.
The Wolf howled at the Moon,
Screaming " How could you?!"
And the Moon cried and melted into the dark blue.
All that was left is darkness, for the Stars left in surprise,
Abandoned by the Moon, when they thought it would rise.
Shay Aug 19
The wolf howled at the moon,
And the moon melted into the dark blue.
Shay Aug 19
I knew it was coming.
The moment my name reached the edge of your lips.
You could not deny your desire.

And I just may be crazy,
Secretly wishing, as always,
That you remembered how to feel.
How to feel for me,
How to feel with me.
That it was more than just comfort again.

But I am foolish in my desires for you to love me.
Shay Aug 19
I think I need to disconnect for awhile.
Shay Aug 19
The memory of you is that of a ripple in the water.
In a small confined space, a familiar wave bounces back and forth.
Shay Aug 19
It's dangerous alone at night in my head.
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