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Alexis Apr 2020
My world was once painted in different colors

of curiosity, emotion and passion

The world used to be wonderful without order

with words flowing around unpredictable motion

Art gave me feelings, laughter and crowns

Art made the world wonderful with all its sparkles

It pushed me high up, I don't wanna go down

I stayed up and happy as I ran in circles

but reality crushed the colors within me

tainted in black, seeing gray, and blinded in white

a life once blissful, flying so free

now, I feel like a helpless and controlled kite

Days continued on as my soul starts to drown

Light and colors gone, this seemed like a fallout

Art left me alone, with a rusty crown

Art left me for a reason I cannot figure out
Been gone for a while. Now, it's back.
Alexis Apr 2020
Sudden surge of countless unknown emotions

Rushing current of seemingly lonely waves

Swept my soul in an unstoppable motion

With my its core all crushed and impossible to save
Alexis Mar 2019
The burning sensation across the air
The tingling feeling down my toes up to my hair
All the things I never thought I'd do
Well, now I did, because of you

Hot and dangerous, oh I shall burn
From chilly ice to the fire I turned
Warmth of your fire all across my ice
Melting me softly, as my thirst they suffice

Oh sweet fire so exciting and warm
I would never thought I'd dive right in your arms
Sweet fire the burn you gave lingers from within
Oh sweet fire, everyday, for you, I'll gladly sin
Your memory burns in my mind and it never goes out of fire
  Mar 2019 Alexis
Not all depressed cut,
Not all sad shed tears,
Not all strong fight,
Not all monsters roar,
Not all young are innocent.
Some just work harder to maintain a mask.
We are here,
And you have reason to fear,
We are the best liars,
We can manipulate the greatest con artist without batting an eyelash.
Watch out we are coming.
This is a dark and serious p poem but that didn't change the fact that In was tempted to put "and we're queer" instead of " And you have reason to fear" ****
Alexis Mar 2019
It was late at night when I opened my eyes.
I couldn't see a thing.
Pitch black.

Then it was suddenly hard for me to breathe.
I gasped for air but nothing came.
The face of everyone I cared about flashed before me.
I need to breathe.
I need to.

But I couldn't.
So I stopped trying.
It was meaningless. 

I could not breathe, so I didn't.
Alexis Mar 2019
I don't need someone else to waste my time

when I've done this much myself

Perhaps I'd be one of those books 

Left in an almost empty shelf

Never anyone's first pick

Never have I been chosen 

And as time ticks quickly

My destiny seemed frozen

Though it feels like time quickly slips away

Now I'll surely see

That time wasted was never wasted

If I waste it on me
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