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Incomplete Mar 24
I should snuggle in between the pages of the dictionary and maybe then I’ll be seen as having meaning.
Incomplete Mar 21
thousands of years dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the cosmos
all I truly want to do is unlock the secrets of you
equally improbable but worthwhile nonetheless
Incomplete Mar 20
instinctual drives
principle of causality
the conscious mind
Incomplete Mar 19
they still find ways to swim in confinement
good thing dreams put them back in the waters they once knew
sleep is probably life for them now
air bubbles refresh their hope
taps on the tank give them signs of approval
only being freed by someone's appetite
death came sooner than the dinner plate for a few
maybe they were better off not knowing what could've been
as I stared into the glass contemplating my meal,
I caught a reflection of my own life in their fate
Incomplete Mar 19
Familiar random faces
Replicating adoration
Lining up and seeking admiration
Competing for pleasurable sensations
Romanticism is the motivation
while trying to out live time’s cessation
Incomplete Mar 18
Every step I climb puts me deeper in wonder.
Incomplete Mar 18
There are others living out their dreams while I’m too busy dying in my nightmares.
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