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Shannon Callow Nov 2020
As I walk into the sea,
I am encapsulated.
My lungs filled with the cold air debris,
I become asphyxiated.

I'm no longer afraid of the water covering my head,
I just let it take over and stop fighting.
My breath becomes the bubbles in the water instead;
the image of being pulled under is my final sighting.
depression, drowning, sad, mentalhealth, mental, health, depressed, tflers
Shannon Callow Oct 2020
I watch the sunset but it’s tainted blue,
all the flowers are dying and the ocean’s empty too.
The world as I see it has lost all colour and life;
all that’s left is the dead weight of darkness and despair that is rife.
Shannon Callow Feb 2020
You're the lighter that ignites my spark
and causes my inner gunpowder to mark
the darkened sky with an explosion of coloured lights;
I'm a firework landmark of the nights.
Shannon Callow Feb 2020
Like a wolf chasing and attacking its prey,
my body has turned on me and I’m fading away.
Breathing is harder and my body is on fire,
will this pain and torment never tire?
Shannon Callow Apr 2019
I’m fragile like glass and I fear that I might again break
after piecing myself back together flake by flake;
too many times have I fought for happiness in this war,
so I give in and let myself drown in the darkness and be no more.
Shannon Callow Apr 2019
I ran away today; and so I failed.
I couldn’t face my biggest fear; instead I bailed.
Suffocated from the inside out,
I was trapped and full of doubt.
Screaming on the inside, quiet on the outside;
within fear and anxiety is where I reside.
Shannon Callow Dec 2018
I am torn into pieces like confetti,
                   tired from this fight; my soul is empty.

I want to     F
                                   away and be here no more,
          to find a peaceful place where I’m no longer in this war.
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