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544 · Feb 2019
My Friend
Shane Feb 2019
Hello my old friend,
Never thought we'd meet again.
In this place you call home,
I've now returned to claim as my own.

I remember it well,
The hallow pit where I once fell,
This deep dark alone,
I found truth in these walls of stone.

You warned of outside
The perils of hope
The deceit of trust
And promise's rope...
A noose to bind and hang in dread,
I've now returned, broken and dead.

Will you take me in and stay with me?
Take away the fear and the lies that be?
Keep me safe in our hidden lair
You're all that I have...
My friend despair.
My first post.
344 · Dec 2020
Another Fall.
Shane Dec 2020
Here I am
A mere fragment
Of loss and desolation.
Isolated and existing
In emptiness.

Here I am
As certain as fall
Cold and rigid
As the old places
Where we made
Snow ball dreams
And sunset promises.

You are living these now
Without me,
And here I am
Fading without you.

Fall is when you left. And I have been falling since.
265 · Sep 2020
Shane Sep 2020
There is a story
In all of us.
The saddest part
Is when we let go,
And another
Writes the ending.
This is why
I hold on to you.
A short thought today...
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