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May 4 · 201
Black & White
Shane May 4
I know you hide in the black and white,
And the pale hues of yesterday.

There is so much more
Under your skin, behind those eyes.

Show me. I'll wait with your shadows.
As long as it takes.

Show me your scars so I can mark them with my lips... Part of a longer piece.
Apr 24 · 599
Shane Apr 24
I am but a seed
Left over from a forgotten tree.
Its old bark rots behind me
In black stains and mildew.
It's shadowy voice tells me
Grow no further,
Stay with the weeds and dust,
Blind and soiled.
But I push up little stems
And lay down new roots.
Sometimes I reach deeper,
And those voices
Become silent and benign.
The darkness that covers me,
The weight that braces
Gives me foundations
To push off and grab
The fingers of the sun.
So give me your pain,
Sit beside me
With your burdens,
And soon my leaves
Will shelter you.

I am but a seed
Blind and soiled.
The darkness that covers me
Will shelter you.

Woke up feeling an urge to write.
Apr 18 · 73
Shane Apr 18
Let me empty the ebony
From your skies,
The ones you paint
In salt and trepidations.

I'll remove the blight and rust
That staggers and stuns
Your eyes in endless greys.
No more silt or stale hopes
Will mar your insides.

And that mask that covers
Your charred half,
Let it burn me
With a thousand suns.
Let it weigh me down
In stones and shadows
Even if it leaves me silent
And lost in you.

Let me empty your darkeness
Into my mouth
And save you
With my tongue.

Apr 17 · 158
Hurt Me
Shane Apr 17
And give my heart
The sadness it needs
To write again.

Apr 8 · 86
Answers May Vary
Shane Apr 8
I still want to ki- - you
You took my l- -e
I am now just - -one
Lost with questions
- - -ken in your sea.
Something different
Apr 6 · 666
Shane Apr 6
As I walk in the night time
With shadows and fireflies,
I can't help but think of you
Under that moonlit bridge
Where I said we'll meet.
That place where you'd
Read the choruses
And new lines that stretch
Across our faces.

Do you think twice about me?
Is it more?

It's driving me crazy
These isolated thoughts
And empty veins...
Yet you’re in my blood
It boils over and I miss you,
Like hell burning across
The seams of your skin
And on to my lips
I feel your heat wrapped
Legs taking my self loathing
Showing me a new day.

You are still my mornings
And I miss you like hell.
I can't see someone...  And it's making write...
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