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Dec 2020 · 345
Another Fall.
Shane Dec 2020
Here I am
A mere fragment
Of loss and desolation.
Isolated and existing
In emptiness.

Here I am
As certain as fall
Cold and rigid
As the old places
Where we made
Snow ball dreams
And sunset promises.

You are living these now
Without me,
And here I am
Fading without you.

Fall is when you left. And I have been falling since.
Nov 2020 · 156
Shane Nov 2020
Maybe there is something left
Inside this piece of charcoal.
Maybe there is one more chance
To burn with another.

Or maybe this is just
The last dream,
Before you crumble and fade
Into the black smoke.
Sep 2020 · 188
Mutual Insomnia
Shane Sep 2020
We were a only whisper.
A shadow at sunset.
A black dawn
Across crimson skies.
We were embers touching
In the mist and dew
Not meant to become or last.

But how can I see you happy?
I wonder if that smile is real.
It looks like the ones you gave me.

Tell me,
Are your words the same too?
Do you touch the same
Fading dream, only to wake up
Beside another face
And wish it was me?
Do you scream and catch fire
Everyday in silence,
Like the secrets we kept alone?
Do you think of me on your neck
And between breaths
While you remember
The moments we hid from the world?

I would have ran with you.
I would have plunged in to that
Burning sky and be blinded,
Knowing I'm with you everyday.
But instead I'm drowning alone
In your fears.

I close my eyes
And all I see are
Red daggers in the dark,
In waves of time and loss
Knowing that you're gone.
How can I live
With what we've made?
I am still there and awake.
And you must be too.
I can't sleep. I was over this... Until I saw you without me.
Sep 2020 · 160
This Old Bark
Shane Sep 2020
Through my window
Lies an old bark
Chopped away, used up
For flames long cold.

The rain is useless.
The sunshine a memory.
The damp black dirt
The only hope it knows.

Just roots remain
Sinking into Nothingness,
A pale faded oak
Turning grey and ******.
Cracked and wrinkled,
Scarred and blunt.

It doesn't move with the Wind
Or offer shelter and
It just wants to rot away
Before tomorrow comes.

But each night,
This old bark stares
Back through my window...
Waiting with me.

Sep 2020 · 268
Shane Sep 2020
There is a story
In all of us.
The saddest part
Is when we let go,
And another
Writes the ending.
This is why
I hold on to you.
A short thought today...
Sep 2020 · 109
The Types of Silence
Shane Sep 2020
That between lovers,
A silent understanding
Of everything that is
And will ever be.

That of unrequited love,
A broken truth never to be told,
Whispered only to ghosts
And the snow.

That between former lovers,
A silent pain of collapsing worlds.

And the last silence
When there's no reason to carry on
The one that screams and clings
To the last remnants
Of something to live for.
Apr 2020 · 105
Answers May Vary
Shane Apr 2020
I still want to ki- - you
You took my l- -e
I am now just - -one
Lost with questions
- - -ken in your sea.
Something different
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