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 Dec 2019 Shane
Black clouds and Pouring rain at midnight.
Blue moon and the empty bed by your side.
Forming music and hypnotic
Essence and memories of mesmerising eyes.
A perfect scenery and a haunting
Heart strike.
The only thing thats missing is
The personal heat source of mine.
 Dec 2019 Shane
You hide beneath the mask,
You see through the glass.
You run around in shadows,
You lurk beyond the dark.

You're saved from the desire,
You're learning the truth.
You're too vacant to hire,
Just something I went through.

Dark among the stars,
You refuse to shine.
Too bound too broken,
To protect or to hide?.

Dreamlike state,
The life passing through .
Wasting away my soul,
The world turned too blue.

You were a part of me,
Was I the part of you?
It's all lost and forgotten,
Crashing the break through.

You made me believe,
You made me hate,
You've shown me the world,
You introduced me to pain,
You are the purpose,
You are despair,
You are my sole destroyer,
Yet I still love... less than forever.
 Nov 2019 Shane
 Nov 2019 Shane
She came back today
new hair swishing, talking, laughing
non-verbally different.

trendy, mismatched clothes
shapeless pants
a cheap embroidered windbreaker.
even with heels, she seems below me,
no longer restrained, outspoken, quiet, or fun.

I’m grasping for normality,
clinging onto her old expressions
that rolling of the eyes
flicking of the tongue
replaced by swishing
maneuvering, stoutly and gracefully
all at once.  

once we were little planets
now transformed into a shooting star
and me, firmly grounded in familiar earth.
 Nov 2019 Shane
Contemplating the mess
We all called life,
Sitting on a bench
Like dear old times.

Thoughts drifted back
Towards the starry night,
Where it all had began
First time you called yourself mine.

A stroll down the memory lane
Bits and pieces
Some still the same,
Fresh like it happened yesterday
When I wasn't struggling
To be sane.

The way you smiled shyly
Everytime you saw me,
The way your eyes Sparkled
With mischievous glint,
The way you got choked up
Overwhelmed with the love,
That used to flow like a current
Between us.
The intensity you used to
Watch me with.
And the goofy laugh
We used to share on my
Stupid nerdy jokes.

Flashes after flashes
Of the time spent together,
You and me...the world
Nothing else ever mattered.

Then I came back to
Myself. ..
And a heavy sigh escaped.
Still kinda weird,
But you made me smile again.
 Oct 2019 Shane
I love you with all my might,
All my heart and all my life.
But if you fail to put up with my battles,
I'll cleave our bonds with a knife.
 Oct 2019 Shane
Sara Brummer
Imagine a spherical shield,
all sensual swirls of body art
and gleaming currents of
silent comings and goings.

Her path is radiant
with skeins of silver slime.
She’s discreetly **** inside her shell,
snuggling in mystical moisture.

A willing captive,
She’s self-sufficient,
timid yet eager to explore,
free to withdraw at any given moment.

Admire the courage of her smallness,
the generosity of her gifts to the beauty
of our skin, our gastronomic delight.
She does not fear mortality’s ultimate crush.
She lives and dies in the joy of giving
her soft, sweet syrup back to the earth.
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