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May 2019 · 375
to be social
Shahlaa Medina May 2019
Are we as humans becoming disposable?
It’s so easy to type, beat and delete
Why are we so scared to be open and vulnerable?
But also considerate.

Approach me,
Not through a dm but say hi to my face
See my expression with your eyes
Wanna get to know me? Ask.
Let me access your energy
Give me depth
Let me analyse your soul
It had become so difficult to find sincerity in people especially due to the ease of social media and how people use and abuse.
Mar 2019 · 165
Shahlaa Medina Mar 2019
I stain myself on you
Hold onto your every imprint
Attempt permanence in your mind
Vivid thoughts you stole

Tainted brushes of colour
Mould myself to fit your image
Became a blank canvas
Though I know too well

I am watercolour
I wash off
In world full of temporary people be art.
Feb 2019 · 167
Cold hands
Shahlaa Medina Feb 2019
My hands were cold
Holding yours
My heart was numb
Beating senseless for you

You became my sunshine
Even tho I could not see the light
You became my touch
Even when my hands were cold
Feb 2019 · 290
I am a Rainbow
Shahlaa Medina Feb 2019
I am a rainbow
The product of the rain and sun
Majestic elements
You ran to find my *** of gold
Eagerly searching
Though you were too greedy
Because you missed my vivid colours
And captivating curves
Now I disappear
And you are left wishing
I have always loved rainbows, and after a heartbreak I realised my worth and I am a rainbow, full of life and colour, the product of the good and the bad, the rain and sun, happy always.
Feb 2019 · 727
the island
Shahlaa Medina Feb 2019
the loneliness came in waves,
deep bitter crashes of the blues tide
your beach was my sanctuary,
you kept me safe and dealt with my insanity.

— The End —