Life can be a burden,
with all its anxieties,
its stresses,
its worries,
the thought that time is running out,
the thought that,
everything you loved,
everything you've worked for,
gone just like that,
the sudden emptiness of heart and soul,
No more worries of this world,
no more stress,
no more anxieties,
at last,
fills me with sadness as I approach my groom,
my end,
All adorned for eternal rest,
although a burden,
is worth living,
For I am afraid of my next step,
I take no pleasure in the very thought of death,
But still,
Life IS a burden,
a burden worth living
I have a big fear of death... and anything dead...... I am not afraid of the person suddenly waking up.. no.. I am afraid of the cold.. the very thought of death.. silent... (there goes my adhd.. doing the talking... can't stay still... can't be quiet)
I read "Low Disk Space" from my laptop,
I know how you feel ._.
I know this is a rip off... I just thought it funny.... Me after math.. and this is why I package up the lessons before and send them away.... and is why I always need a refresher.
Everytime I let someone to close,
their pain his what hurts the most,
Should have closed them out before they walked in,
Should have known,
Should've known,
Should've known,
Should've known
Forgot what pain felt like,
I was just alright,
But you shut me down,
pushed me out,
Tour me down,
Took a wrecking ball to my face,
I had dreams, but,
you cut them down,
chopped all their meanings up,
Should've known,
but I forgot what pain felt like,
You pushed me down, ........
Do you know what?
I had enough and... I got up,
Growing up is hard..., but never let the ones that hurt you keep you down.....
Hello :D, keep in mind this is a work in progress... I was going to make it more solemn, but as the poem says... I got up ;). So, this became encouragement for others.
Best of wishes,
~Summer Shellhamer~
A hedgehog, while traversing a road
gave a lift to a tentative toad.
As the piggy-back was prickly
they traversed it quite quickly.
and made it safely over the road.

My Ocd is flipping switches,
My adhd is pulling pupet strings,
My brain is on vaction for most of the day,
and when he comes home it's night,
his favorite time to party.....
I get no rest,
And tomorrow there's a flippin' test!
I have some problems... Don't judge me .....
Tear drops falling on my pillow,
Tear drops falling making a silhouette,
Tear drops of something I won't forget,
"Sometimes I go to call you", but right now you won't be there,
I'm sorry,
Now aren't you?
I would stop crying if it weren't for you,
But I just keep trying,
Holding on,
Tear drops,
an artists palette,
of paints creating a silhouette,
on my pillowed canvas,
Never heard sorry cross you lips,
Tear drops rolling down my finger tips,
I cover my eyes waiting 'till dawn,
Wish the tears rolling down my face,
were replaced,
with your loving kiss,
Haven't felt that love since I was an infant,
This is something I sure do miss,
Am I really that insignificant?
Is it really that hard to say the word that I longed?
"I'm sorry"
Work in progress, got in fight with mom...
Wish you were here,
wishin' you were real,
wishin' I could heal,
but this heart is broken,
Wish you could be the solution to my problems,
wishin' you could say it'll be ok my dear,
wishin you were real,
wishin' I could feel your lips against mine
(Work in progress... I might delete a little... I just am not inspired right now like I was yesterday(notes)
I fell in love with a cartoon charictor named Doc Hudson from the movie cars... in my fan fiction he comes back due to more modern tools. I am very heart broken to not have him hear with me.
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