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16/M/somewhere safe    I love you!.
Zachary Gorenstein
18/M/Fairfield CT   
M/Out there somewhere    I enjoy writing. My inspiration is pain.
27/M/Boston    Rogue... A patient, weathered soul, brokenhearted product of darkness, undying spirit capable of great and terrible things. A lover and a fighter. Instagram: black_wolf_poetry
F    someone who writes and reads poetry
Peter Balkus
19/F/lost in the realm of Ink.    Stories and poems lay here The question is what are you ready to hear?Are you ready to face the force of change Are you ready ...
grace anthony
17/F/Washington    not my real name but thats okay
16/F/canada    I hope one day I write something Tyler Joseph would love to sing
Lyda M
20/F    A musician with words too much for her liking but well enough to fill a red leather notebook
18/USA    A panda whose finding refuge through art of many forms
Elana Levitan
I am just a young girl, who loves poetry and writing. I am new to all of this and just do it for the love ...
Keith Edward Baucum
Hello fellow poets and artist My name is Keith Edward Baucum. I look forward to reading your poems and art. Literary art is an art ...
Oliver Rae Calvin
Reanna Horsley
Dean Eastmond
Weymouth    English Language and Linguistics student at University of Birmingham. Inspired by Ginsberg, Plath, Murakami and Kerouac. Aspiring "one day" and hopeful "could be". I write ...
Natalie R
Singapore    15 My sudden love for poetry has just unexpectedly been awaken from an unknown slumber. Like, follow, read, leave. Do as you please. Feedback is ...
I'm random in writing, talking, thinking and every way. Joined HP 06.11.2014, have a lot to learn from everyone here. Thank you.
Theia Gwen
New York    “Hatred is so much closer to love than indifference.” Marya Hornbacher
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