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  Dec 2018 Shadowhollow
~I want to text you and tell you I miss you, but I'm scared of what you'll think of me~
She breathes
Face intertwined
In rosy smiles
She is a wallflower
On chalky rust brick
Clinging onto
Isn't it bliss?
Shadowhollow Dec 2018
You only show half of you
The half you wish everyone to see
The half that is easier to show
And when I lit the other half of you
I realised I no longer wanted to see pretty things
I wanted to see the rest of you
The half that was shadowed by my sunset glow
The beauty before the darkness
  Nov 2018 Shadowhollow
People are constantly changing,
****, I’m changing,
and I can’t stand it,
the earth is moving,
stars are colliding,
love is found and love is lost,
some cry while others die,

and I'm losing everything,
my friends are in the mountains, while I'm drowning in the lake,
my families across the ocean, that I’ve been trying to overtake,
and I still don’t have a place to call my home,

I sip my tea, and smoke one,
I’ll call it a day since no one called,
I’m not the same, and that’s okay,
I'll grow into a better me,
step by step,
one day I’ll learn to just “be”.
  Nov 2018 Shadowhollow
The worst part of losing someone is feeling them slip away.

Knowing that they would rather be doing anything else, than be with you.

Knowing that you're nothing but a weight, holding them back.
Knowing that you aren't enough.

But maybe you shouldn't have fooled yourself like that.

When have you ever been?
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