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You ever absorb a song you can not repeat?
You ever beg for warmth and then melt in the heat?
You ever know the answer before your lips go to speak?

Needlessly moving,
Searching for purpose in functioning
Miserable ruckus,
Pointless nothings

You ever divulge in lyrics you dwell in peace with being?
You ever feel grateful for a pain in your concrete feet?
You ever know the outcome and act unaccordingly?

I do.
Love me I'm a relatable *****.
I'm a cluster of intertwined things.
The most important being continuous searching for the song of my life; my own personal anthem.
Shadow Puppet Feb 22
I awoke under a canopy
The vicinity was uncanny...
I remained inane, in need to retain the venues address,

I rolled off the bed,
Impeccable marble bruising my once undistorted mindset

I stumbled onto my feet noticing the luxuriant substances surrounding my loss of balance
Rootlessly searching from one room to another finding ones that only emulated the previous

An amorphous shadow appears before me
I immediately vilify the object

"Why are you holding me captive?"
I ask knowing I am no damsel in distress
Its stolid voice rejects the question's request of knowledge

Intelligence full of compunction fabricated by nadir of the time

I am lulled by the shadow's signs
I hope it will not be onerous to set aside the vestige of my frustration
Replacing it with prestige for the mysterious constrain of the situation

I annex the didactic without further noise
It has hushed me with persuasive manifestation of reasonless roaming
Until we reach a glass door

I assume it to open clearly, but to the touch I'm falling
Into distant realities

I come to realize I am standing on sand,
Observing the gray of the window to the soul of a moonlit stranger I will never know

Holding the hands of a madman whilst eyes of affection hold me
Feedback wanted.
Although I will say I'm sick of writing love poems.
Shadow Puppet Jan 29
I had a vision...
A dream our fingertips touched.

I had a twisted fantasy...
A nightmare where the spark was too much.

Fried from shock all she could muster was,
“You really, really love him, BUT”

There was where the story ends
From whence she came,
There she went

Gravity gently danced with you
Away from me
Petals vanished in the wind
All to honor your presence and utter negligence

I had a reverie
A dream our fingertips touched.

Lost in a cusp
Earth and air
It is merely dust.

For me it was once enough
Then I awoke from my slumber

Daily routine,
I count the calendar days
My sweaters cold static appalls me

I am laughing at how daunting,
Real and imaginary appear to be
Close, yet far

You are applauding
In the cryptic distance

Searching the audience
I vaguely listen to the lulls of your absence

I finally found something,
Greater than my own pain.
Love could never be greater than my pain, it serves as a foundation for it.
So if not love do you know what I am speaking of?
Shadow Puppet Jan 19
I grew from filthy pain
As brown as coffee
Dreams grew from my fluffy crown
Down to my roots

Naively awaiting the rain
The sun was my glee

Every thread that sew my chromosomes
Stabbed like the liars seed

Still, I grew.

The higher I rose
The more that was bore
I bloomed into a ****

Soon to be
Well groomed
Cut off with precision
And swift decision

I wanted to shine,
But when I was lifted
I forgot my wishes

There was too much pressure
In being a dream come true

I had grew to my limit.

I feel anguish and ache flow through my chlorophyll
It's what gives me my colors

You picked me.
My clear blood ran through
Green veins

The little life I did have and you blew it away
Your breath slice through my entire soul

Some people become fragile because their strength has been blown out by everything
They have ever known

I could forgive you
I need to

If only I was not emptily floating
Waiting to fall into the dirt

A piece of me makes it, the others are lost
I keep them in my mind, they are my peace
What hushes my insanity

You are wishing on something
That wants to drain your oxygen

I wish I could forgive you all
Instead I scoff down another grudge

You wish in vain when you tear open my veins
I want you to smother

On the filthy pain,
I learned to carry,

Under my crown of make-believe.
Created 10.21.18
I wrote this about forgiveness for a class assignment last year.
I'm numb to it now.
I cogitate my every breath with you
The apology you invent will be fatal to the beat in my chest cavity

I am alluded to the snare
The gloomy gleam we share
I can not let die

Months after being estranged you coax me back to you
And I find transcending joy
Adequate opulence in life

There's not a second I don't think of you
There's not a second I don't think of you
There is not a second I do not think of you

AND go insane
AND get anxious and doubtful and afraid and OVERTHINK of you

There's not a second I don't think of you.

AND hope you're okay
AND pray for your wellbeing

AND question whether or not I truly love you or if I am just blindly following an infatuation mistaken for love that got distorted by my imagination.

I wished to be your soulmate
You probably save the idea for your daydreams

There is not a second I do not think of you AND go:

One day I will truly hate her.
Created 1.4.19

Dedicated to the girl I would have followed to the ends of the earth...

If only she hadn't of hurt me so immensely.

What a pity.
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