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Cameron 6d
Late night calls
Talking about crushes
Talking away
Too tired to fall asleep
Too awake to care
Cameron 6d
I don’t know who they are
But I hope one day she tells them
So she can be happy
Even if we end up just being friends
That’s all I could ask for
Cameron 7d
She has no idea
How much she means to me
Just pretty girls
And pretty thoughts
Ana said
Not to rush
Sweet like honey
And she doesn’t even know
Cameron Feb 19
People come and go
They fill a void sometimes
then leave
like nothing happened
How do i tell him?
its over
for good?
it doesnt feel right to me
it never did
so this is it
the end
and i hope he can understand
im done crawling back
because i do like someone else
they may not like me
but it doesnt change that
i dont like him
Cameron Feb 15
We soar across the sky
Holding on for dear life
But we fall
Trapping ourselves
In a world that's not so kind
We try to take off
But it doesn't work
Our hearts too heavy
Our wings are broke
We try again
and we fly for a few
Till we fall down again
they clip our wings
and cage us up
we separate
and they let us go
we heal our feathers
one at a time
Cameron Feb 15
I dont think we are meant to be

cant tell you that though

cause youll be upset

i feel trapped in this relationship

what do i even do
Cameron Feb 14
Today is a lonely day
A soft breeze drifting them away
With chocolates and candy hearts
Teddy bears and cards
I wont get any of that
but thats okay
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