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  May 21 Damien
twenty reasons why
i refuse to speak

twenty reasons why
i always feel so weak

twenty reasons why
i am not unique

twenty reasons why
you are the only one i seek

yet there are a million reasons why
i wish that you loved me
Damien Dec 2020
Really looking like the end now, prolly gonna see the credits soon.
I love yous don’t feel the same, your skin don’t smell the same, you really thought this would stay tame..
Guess you ****** up and this is on you, but **** I did some **** too.
I loved you so ****** much, held you so ******* close, I don’t want you to slip away but it’s like you ****** hate me every time I try to get close.
I thought it’d be different this time, thought you’d actually stay..guess your feelings really are too fragile for love. Maybe this is why they left’re a ******* *****. The bane of existence.
I ******* hate myself for singing this, but Jesus Christ this is how I feel. It’s ****** up, I me, love, I know.
I don’t get it either, I don’t want it either..wanna ****** die every time. But I can’t. Forever trapped, *****..we’re forever ****** trapped.
Basically, yeah..just ****.
Damien Nov 2020
Here I sit
Memories of last night flooding my mind
Trying to find a rhythm or maybe even a rhyme
Some sort of way to try and make sense of what happened inside

A breakdown
A knife
A bottle of red wine
And certain fateful thoughts running down the line

A death
A loss
A tragedy
And yet another bottle of red wine

A thought
A memory
A fateful blow
And a final bottle of "red wine"
  Nov 2020 Damien
Sarah Flynn
you are addictive, but
I wouldn’t call you my drug.

you’re closer to
a bottle of strong liquor.

we all know that
drugs aren’t good for us.

that’s why you aren’t a drug.
your toxins aren’t obvious.
I didn’t realize that
you were poison.

you’re my drink, not my drug.
you felt so good at first.
you made me carefree
and warm and happy,
and you didn’t feel like
you were bad for me

...until I had too much.
Damien Oct 2020
Would you watch me fall tenth story off our balcony
It's all I want
Push me closer to my fantasy

Like who's at fault when these demons come back for me
Got a heart of stone
But 'm dying 'cause you left me
Yet another random one~
Damien Oct 2020
I'm better off when I'm dead
Want a bullet through my head
Paint the floor deep dark red

"I love you" that's what she said
Hurt is all she left me with
I'm better off when I'm dead
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