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Akira Chinen
122/M/texas    "we put it all into a poem, to tell the universe who we were, and why we were here, and what we said and did ...
United States    "I don't live in darkness, darkness lives in me" These are all original writings by theultimatepanicqueen and are subject to copyright © 2016-2018 **ALL RIGHTS ...
Mike Adam
61/M/London England   
rachel martin
NY    too poor to travel anywhere except a fresh page
John Edward Smallshaw
63/Here and now    You can follow me on Twitter @jsirony John Smallshaw on Facebook also the 'pantechniconpoet' on Website.. soundcloud YouTube blah, blah, blah ps so ...
28/M/Liverpool, UK    all this pain is an illusion
with Wolf    Those who whisper to you, will whisper about you. Threat of physical harm... threat of "extortion"... "Guidelines" skewed, voice silenced. In search of safer shores... ...
England    Just stuff
Dean Chittenden
Michigan    I write a little poetry here and there. I mostly write music. Im 19 and live in Lowell, MI.
Evan Ponter
Los Angeles, CA    It is the tension between a restless idealism and a sense of impending doom that keeps me going. Instagram/Twitter: @evanponter
wonderland.    I can't make conversation, but I can make art they won't appreciate Be warned, my writing tends to be too sad to be beautiful.
Paula Lee
Indiana    I'm just a Lost Soul..A Star that burned out to early!

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