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Shabnam Jul 6
A lush green garden that once bore an apple tree..
Long left by the gardner to the mercy of the winds;
Now stands barren and
delights in the apple tree.
Shabnam Jul 20
Don't know when I will be me again?
Shabnam Jul 22
Whatever you threw at me I have always tried to give my best..
Even in the trials and the tests.
I have put a really brave fight;
Now I need you to hug me tight.
I put up with your lemon rind
Is that all for me you could find?
Now give me a sweet lime or a peach
And keep it within my reach.
Won't be able to thank you enough
Now please stop being so rough.
Dear life..
Dear life.
Shabnam Jul 10
Real flowers have real fragrance
Artificial ones only appear beautiful.
In this world of artificiality,
authenticity still holds it's value.
Shabnam Jun 25
Dear, enchanting & sweet;
Real but not true.
Earnest & hopeful
Abode of passions
My mesmerising dream.
Shabnam Aug 5
You have yours and I have mine..
If you're fine..
I'm also fine.
Some people would die for their ego
Shabnam Jun 20
It made me smile for a while!
Shabnam Jun 10
Winds have brought the glad tidings of the first drop of rain;
For the showers of blessings we await..
For the rusky scent of the earth
For the rainbow in the sky
For the heavy downpour
& the water puddles
For the hot fritters with tea &
The season of love for you and me.
Shabnam Jul 4
A few sighs unheard
Some unspoken words
Subtle hints
growing passion
& compassion
Unnamed attachment
Silent expectations
Confused signals
& a bread crumb trail
Left just for me
Be or not to be?
Shabnam Jun 29
Went on and on..
Wandering through the wonderful wonders..
One after the other
Till I came accross..
My wonderful wonderland.
Shabnam Jul 7
Mujse ye zamana chahta hai;
Mera dill tod kar mujhe hasana chahta hai.
Jane kya baat jhalakti hai mere chehre se;
Ke har shakhs mujhe aazmana chahta hai.
I don't know what this world wants from me..
It wants me to laugh after breaking my heart
Don't know what my face looks like..
Everyone puts me to a trial.
Shabnam Jul 25
I let you go..
When you wanted to.
What more could I do?
Shabnam Aug 6
I'll be able to convey...
Shabnam Aug 15
Sacchi Mohabbat hai zamaane me boht ***..
Mohabbat ki adakari boht hai.
Though true love is very rare in the world..
Show of love is abundant.
Shabnam Aug 9
Unki muskurhat par hum hosh gawan baithe..
Jo hum hosh me aane ko the..
Wo phir muskura baithe ☺
Shabnam Jun 20
Kisi ki wafa ko karobar na samjho..
Begarz ** kar kare jo yaad aisay yaar ko bekar na samjho..
Na kar sake jo inkaar use izhaar na samjho..
kisi ki khamoshi ko deewar na samjho..
Betakalluf hokar jo kare baat..
Aisay dost ko hoshiyar na samjho.
Don't take for granted!
Don't trade someone's faithfulness..
If someone remembers you selflessly,
Don't think them to be worthless;
If someone can't refuse, don't think it's a yes
Don't consider someone's silence to be a barrier;
Don't consider shrewd the friend who talks informally.
Shabnam 1d
Some people are...
such a pain in the neck.
Shabnam Jun 28
Itni shiddat se mat padho mere lafzon ko; kuch yaad reh gaya to
mujhe bhul nahi paoge.
Don't read my words so deeply;
If you remember anything
You won't forget me.
Shabnam Jun 9
I am trying to hold tight in the fist of my hand;
Relations that are slipping away like sand;
The fingers are numb due to the tightness of the hold;
When the fist is open I find nothing but the lines on my hand.
Shabnam Aug 4
We are more excited about them..
Than they are about us.
Shabnam Apr 22
Like the sweet smell of wet sand,
Like the cool breeze in a dry land,
Like the morning twilight,
Like a twinkling star at night,
Like soft words in a harsh life;
Enough to make me strive.
Like an oasis in the desert
& a pole star in the sky.
Like a treasure hidden so deep..
An amethyst, a ruby, a coral of steep;
A soulmate is as sweet as life!
Shabnam Apr 24
Reality is biting painfully,
Virtuality is pleasing infinitely..
In the real world happiness is rare & the struggles are always there;
In the virtual world there are endless fantasies & it's a dream world..
Idealistic people seldom practising; or
showing off their gleeful side..
Only a few friends in reality & a never ending list virtually..
But beware there's endless trauma.. when reality and virtuality interchange.
Shabnam 4d
They pounce like wolves..
When you show your vulnerability.
People make me sick by their insensitivity.
I wish they could be more reasonable
Not thinking others to be incapable
Coz when the targeted ones gather their might..
Their own position will become tight.
The tables shall turn..
And the wolves shall burn.
life is sometimes so challenging
Shabnam Aug 7
Meri khwahison se mere naseeb tak..
Ye Muamla Mere Rab ka hai.
From my desires to my destiny..
Is a matter with my Lord.
Shabnam Jun 30
In the ordeal to heal a soul..
Sometimes we end up wounding
our own.

— The End —