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 2d Shabnam
Dream your life in watercolours,
Live your life in oils,
Frame your canvases with time and distance;

Hang each by a silver thread,
In a windowed gallery of memories,
Exhibit often and without discrimination;

Celebrate the beauty in your clumsiest brushwork,
Accept the imperfections in your mastery,
Reshape your truths, as light plays and colour transforms.

‘If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.‘
- Émile Zola
 2d Shabnam
And she turned chaos to magic.
She made her shattered pieces a beautiful art.
 2d Shabnam
sugary musk scent on my wrists
he reminds me of all the beautiful scents there is
we're not even in love
but the way our hands sync together is the purest form of love
it's 12:12
putting an end to my paranoia
i probably should sleep
but still the songs awake
anytime I want to grab memories
of different hallways in my mind and soul
new perspectives
calculated pauses
heavenly recitings
I write it down in the most non poetic form
just to never forget the slightest memory
of you
but you deserve poetry and
for your movies to win
You keep
floating like a cloud
I keep watching you
like the sky

 4d Shabnam
Maybe one day you'll feel okay.
But for now just sit and harbor the pain,
You'll be better for it in the end.
One day you'll be stronger than before.
But today vulnerability is a-okay,

Because in the future nothing will be able to conquer you.
 4d Shabnam
It's just that
i'd like someone to
write for me
just once
i'd like to be the object of affection
i'd like for someone to find
that beauty my mother keeps telling me
i have inside
i'm not complaining
but you see
i'd just like to be the
and not the poet
for once
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