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You’re never going to have the cake
Learn to like the taste of bread.

You’re never going to wear diamonds
Learn to appreciate cut glass.

You’re never going to hear applause
Learn to marvel at the stillness.

You’re never going to win the gold
Learn to admire the shine of silver.

You’re never going to be adored
Learn to love just being liked.

You’re never going to live forever
Learn to be your best today.
Gotta get rid of all these downers.  Had a couple of bad days, am not in a depression.
  Jul 12 Shabnam
thanks for your loves and
likes and kind messages on
my Daily Poem

tis a honour to
be part of a wonderful
community , you

all make me smile wide
and inspire me lots , bless
you all lovely souls
  Jul 11 Shabnam
Masha Yurkevich
Every road
has its puddles.
Every person
has their troubles.
Every life
has its struggles.
No matter what you face
in your path,
you can still rise up
like an
Go on! You're strong! :)
Shabnam Jul 10
Real flowers have real fragrance
Artificial ones only appear beautiful.
In this world of artificiality,
authenticity still holds it's value.
  Jul 10 Shabnam
melissa rose
Any love forbidden by the mind
burdens this wise heart
7/7/19 be true to your heart and it’s divine wisdom. Love freely. <3
Shabnam Jul 7
Mujse ye zamana chahta hai;
Mera dill tod kar mujhe hasana chahta hai.
Jane kya baat jhalakti hai mere chehre se;
Ke har shakhs mujhe aazmana chahta hai.
I don't know what this world wants from me..
It wants me to laugh after breaking my heart
Don't know what my face looks like..
Everyone puts me to a trial.
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