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Shabnam 2h
Whatever you threw at me I have always tried to give my best..
Even in the trials and the tests.
I have put a really brave fight;
Now I need you to hug me tight.
I put up with your lemon rind
Is that all for me you could find?
Now give me a sweet lime or a peach
And keep it within my reach.
Won't be able to thank you enough
Now please stop being so rough.
Dear life..
Dear life.
Shabnam 2d
Don't know when I will be me again?
  2d Shabnam
To converse ...
I Wrote.  
Now I am Broke
  Jul 14 Shabnam
Walking Infinitely
Tired and Exhausted
Came near the River
Beautifully She Flows
Gently Bent Down
Quench his Thirst.
Infinite Happiness and Peace
Roared Loudly
The Journey Continues
You’re never going to have the cake
Learn to like the taste of bread.

You’re never going to wear diamonds
Learn to appreciate cut glass.

You’re never going to hear applause
Learn to marvel at the stillness.

You’re never going to win the gold
Learn to admire the shine of silver.

You’re never going to be adored
Learn to love just being liked.

You’re never going to live forever
Learn to be your best today.
Gotta get rid of all these downers.  Had a couple of bad days, am not in a depression.
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