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Sevki Jul 30
With educated minds our silver linings profess~
Sevki Jun 3
Gran-mama always said;
No privacy and no solace is to be found.
In all corners, all-seeing wicked eyes surround.
Wicked hearts all around the merry go round.

But my dear,
I'll always pray...
To die in your stead.
For it is not sacrifice but love.
I love thee...
In living flesh, till days of new old.
Ten feet under soil, I will still toil.
Loving you now and eternity unbound,

to keep you safe and sound.
Sevki May 23
always & forever~
Sevki May 15
Absence, alone.
Sitting alone.
Unread texts.

One... Two... Three!
My mind starts racing,
first comes the doubts.

Then embraced by the self-hate.
Regret and judge, discord upon myself.
To yonder back from whence I came.

Recollect the sacrifices that were made.
Reforge my old self again.
Drugs, Alcohol, ***, Depression, Anxiety, the Addiction.

Is purity not meant for me?
A few hours of mere absence I dread.
Perhaps corrupt I must be?

Lose the white light, wholesome, selfless and true.
Embrace the darkness, selfishly and torment be due.
Oh my dear god, cleanse me of such disposition,

end me please~
Sevki May 8
Thy heart of stone has lost its flame.
Embracing all the bitter and cold.
Set our fates in stone, **** the crossing star.

A dreadful, shifting sorrow, that we both face.

You float as I sink into the abyss.
Drowning at my lungs, erosion at my chest.
ebb and flow lulls me, drifting me to sleep.

The nightmares begin once again.

Yearning for your warm embrace.
Render thy stone open
and ignite the flame.

Thy Heart of stone
cannot yield alone.
Harvest is due.
the cold
like a bard song~
Sevki Apr 12
My back hurts.
Words impaling the skin,
like knives.

I look over my shoulder.
Greeted by the friendliest of smiles.
My dear friend.

I smiled back.
#BehindYourBack #Sad #FakeFriend
Sevki Apr 3
My Mind the prison.
My Heart and Soul prisoner.

The chains,
Anxiety and Depression.

My Body the canvas,
Mindful of my Oppression.
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