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 Jul 4 SelinaSharday
is just fear of the unknown -

but it remains that only through
that we can take any
at all
Life is a blessing with growth
Change your mindset new perspective
Leave old ideas behind open to new
Emotional bankrupt bad investments
Feelings burglarized by imposters
True colors shined through
Causing friendships to fade away
Failed relationship to shattered dreams
Hit rock bottom a steady foundation
Buried by family slanderous talk
Hurts the most still love them
Still living life to the fullest
Made up rules in their favor
Once you spoke up or disagreed
They tried to make others hate you
Trying excommunicate your existence
Love stood before Loyalty her soon to be husband and a chapel full of wedding guests wearing a crown of Olive leaves, dressed in light, and  holding a bouquet of pink Lilies.  Love and Loyalty looked into each other's eyes and exchanged vows.

Loyalty:" My dream of making you my wife has become a reality.  I promise to hold you in my arms and keep you safe for all eternity.  I promise to cherish you and treat you like royalty."

Love:" I've been waiting for this moment ever since my heart took it's first beat.  Like Doves flying on the winds of peace I promise to uphold this marriage above the clouds of serenity."

surrounded by all the virtues Loyalty and Love kissed.

written by Keith Edward Baucum
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