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Mar 2020 · 257
O beloved!
Aayasha khan Mar 2020
Tell him he will be loved O elements of life..
O fire tell him he burns in my heart like the eternal light.
O air tell him i will feel his presence even when my eyes don’t se him.
O water tell him that you will never be able to quinch the thirst of his love.
O earth tell him i will come to him one day  mixed with your bits.
O space tell him i will always hold him in your intangible embrace.
O dear elements of life show my beloved my love, for he deserves to know.
smile for the beloved gets hurt to see u cry.
Sep 2019 · 361
Sand Storm
Aayasha khan Sep 2019
when caught in storms,uproar and rise.
let your legs wooble , loose balance ,fall and then finally fly .
let the sand take you away ,let it decide.
the world will say "hold on", to them decline.

the comforting hands will lure your eyes.
promises of love and balance will cling mountain high.
everything they say would seem inevitably right.
the relief you see is the misery disguised.

distasteful will be comfort without your sweat.
the love too won't suffice.
the dreams of good days, the luxury you stayed for,
shall dovour your essence away.

cause you smell of wild flowers, oh sweet torment,
no care you ever need.
the wilderness is your home, you bloom through all pathways.
the sun opens his arms for you,
with the light is where you stay.

so free your hand, walk into the storm ,..
don't fear the little trips.
be lost and travel to distant lands ,no one has ever reached.
roam the mountains and dive to ocean deeps.
let your aroma mix with the earth ,every bit.

and when your gone and long forgotten,
the sands of time will still carry thee.
ur tale will reach every hearts bottom,
ur valour will give many courage to break free.
never loose hope for the best to happen
Apr 2019 · 156
Make me yours
Aayasha khan Apr 2019
Make me remember.,
Through your eyes ,not your words.
the love once felt,now lost in the abyss  of uncertain words.

Make me feel.,
Through your presence,not your touch.
that Gentle caressing and love,now that you are always in a rush.

Make me walk.,
Coupled with you,not your footprints.
through the Same paths and rendezvous,before they diverged a long time ago.

Make me believe.,
By placing in front of me the plain truth,not twisted lies.
like those days when you still didn't need to sugar-coat the obvious.

Make me dream.,
Through the energy ,not the pain.
the future we envisioned together in the light , whence my nightmares had taken over .

Make me surrender.,
Through love and peace, not turmoil and defeat.
into the embrace of your moonshine,now that it has been a way long overcast night(life).

Make me yours.,
with the depth of your heart,not just woes.
into your protective gaze ,now that it has been a while since I melted under it and yet felt oh! so Strong.
Apr 2019 · 165
Aayasha khan Apr 2019
Don't give the love that a girl can't bare,
keep it with u ,she doesn't care..
ur arms are scary ur fingers creep,
into her dress over and over the deep.

u love her so much ,u want her all the time,
the nights are more needy
u get to her spine
u long for her so much ,she knows.

u crawl to her when she is asleep,
she gets up screaming ,u are no where to be seen ,.
she calls out to people who are deaf and dumb,
she screams her sorrows ,no one can here them.

u tell these people she is just hallusinating ,
the pain ,the tears are all just her imagination..
the senseless people believe u now,
suddenly their senses can actually function.

u scare her, to be quiet ,
u tell her that this is all her fault.
she is a baby kid ,
unknown to this world of men.

unable to understand ur greed,
do u know u r the reason why,
that this little girl is a warrior now,
standing with a bow in her once week arms.

don't scavenger around her now,
volturs are scared of her..
don't love another girl like u do,
she will find u and she will then hunt..

her scars went unnoticed ,
so she had to turn them into her shiny armour.
bled thought the Battle field,
so her symphony is worth listening.

u think u will ruin her..
u think she is now put down..
she is a phoenix ,did u forget ..
u burn her to dust and watch her rise.

but above all
Don't love a girl the way u do
she is not needy unlike u
#girls u are treasure ,value yourself that way
Nov 2018 · 339
Pain demands to live too
Aayasha khan Nov 2018
I Don't live in pain
this pain takes refuge in me
it wants to live too
so i let it stay..
somethings can be separated from us . so is pain..
Nov 2018 · 391
What the poet FEELS
Aayasha khan Nov 2018
it's said
     "according to the poet"
           well no one actually knows..
this happen a lot of times with my own poems.. its different meanings deciphered by different people. thats all..
Aug 2018 · 573
Unconventional love
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
we talk
I gawk
into the abyss we walk
do you see how those empty eyes spark...

I do
we do
love each other ado
your secrets I accrue...
blood spill
hearts drill
tring tring we fill ear to ear through vaudeville
commotions instill ...

strangers once
enchanted into the same ambience
parting through resilience
into Oblivion...

you should not
I shall not either
drift back to that oneness once sought
whence hearts of ours aflutter...
A simple poem for you all.. feel free to predict it your way :)
Aug 2018 · 2.5k
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
A nostalgic feeling, its always with me. Keeps coming back in tears after every bad dream. They are a part now, never letting me be alone..
     I get strange feelings of loss. Loss of something, someone, every moment its in my heart.  
Night before i had a dream of him again.  His face was same as I saw him last time, how I wish It wasn't a dream.
      But I too wish that it wasn't reality, cause if it was it would really hurt, more than I can ever imagine....
      Never clear...  these dreams never let me surface, I go too deep into the abyss and  i am lost there unable  to reach anyone, unable to reach him.
      I see him angry all the time like he won't talk to me, this takes away all of the life that's inside me.
Leaves only tears of emptiness.  
       Don't know who cut me, but I was hurt really bad.
Maybe those wounds on my body defined the ones on my heart, the intangible ones.
        I saw him there, along with my other friend ..
 We were in some place unusual. He didn't bother even to look at me.  Then suddenly I was wounded really bad.
        Every one there was indulged in some game or play. 
 I didn't feel like it so I thought of jus walking around, then heard that he was also not there, and was gone somewhere, so  I decided to look for him and jus started walking.
I walked away from our gang  but couldn't spot him anywhere
I was scared, ..
hurt on my back which bled..
I just kept walking past the lake and around the grasses...
Then I saw him, there he was standing on a bridge looking in the opposite direction.
              I called him" chand"  and he smiled at me for the first time.  It felt so nice to see him. We were silent for a while before he said" you really did come".  
I was all stuck there..  Don't know what I felt.  It was so real, His voice as if it was him,  Standing in front of me.
But that's not possible my mind revolted.
And I woke up, to find my self alone with only my pillow that could soak my tears.  Controlling my harsh cries and trying not to wake mum and shifa up, I lay there..  Trying to sleep again. ..
Maybe this time I could talk to him more.
Or maybe thinking that atleast there in my dreams everything would be ok.  
No, I just couldn't it was as if a lump was stuck in my throat, I couldn't breath, I couldn't even think why I was crying so hard.  Actually​ I wasn't able to understand myself for so long now.
           This is not the first time I can't sleep, or  i I am crying, or laughing just for show, or pretending to let go, or thinking everything will be ok but he never goes away.
Even though I have pushed him away so long  long before....
Its been a year almost. Such dreams are so common, they are a part now..
Thinking about him I fell asleep after a while.
Hoping I would see him again..  And I did, astonishingly.  
We were jus walking on the side of the river. He saw the bruise on my shoulder and placed his hand softly on it.
 I turned to him with tears in my eyes, and saw his eyes filling too...
I didn't see him anymore than that but I believe some dreams are worth living for..
A dream can be so real sometimes..
No place to hide
No place to go..
Aug 2018 · 4.9k
saviour dad
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
The one who held on to us
In times good and rough
Placed all our needs on his shoulders
Made us into tough little soldiers

Never tired is he
Nor sleep does prevail him
Kills all his days to make ours bright
Our eternal light

The epitome of love
A blessing from above
Leaves behind all his desires for ours
His sacrifices can't be told in mere words

Someday I will be like you
Loving everyone true
Binding through trust and care
A family we will all bear
Love  you dad
Aug 2018 · 5.4k
Will it rain
Aayasha khan Aug 2018
Your coming back to me over again,
           Slowly like the moon causes tides..
This will make the heavens rain,
           Shall I forget the world and confide..
Will we embrace each other's arcane,
          Will we spread our arms and  Hold on to  the light..
          Shattered souls do too find heaven,
In their beloved one's sight..
The rains have this effect on me..:)
Jul 2018 · 3.0k
No fairy tale
Aayasha khan Jul 2018
Life is not a fairy tale,
You don't come alive after true loves first kiss.
You stab yourself to sleep each day,
Just to get up and see your pillow soaked with broken dreams.
Tears of sadness untouchable through and through.
A million promises made due,
Of the infinite love of me and you.
We all do love, loose and learn
Jul 2018 · 617
Too long
Aayasha khan Jul 2018
Heart beats went slow
Tough days await ,because you never show
Yes, I know I told you to go away
But didn't you tell me that you will never let go long felt too long ...
Yet, those memories I live by are never gone.
An old feeling bought to you.

— The End —